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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Politicians Play Politics with Pedestrian Project


  1. I heard about this site from my neighbor and figured it was just another blah blah Blog. I have since bookmarked it and enjoy reading the articles and some of the comments (the ones without all the codenames). You don't find some of the info elsewhere. Where do you get the information from and how do you obtain the documents you have posted here?

  2. Let me get this one for you Greg. A lot of the information is obtained by having to go down to the town hall and request an OPRA form which stands for Open Public Records Act which in turn permits the information to be released to the applicant. It is obviously a time consuming process which would be unnecessary if there was complete transparency in our administration. I'm sure in some instances it protects peoples rights also.
    Shockingly Mr. Mark Ciarrocca excoriated Mr. Kasko at the June 14th meeting for all the money he has cost the town by the amount of his OPRA requests. Is he kidding me. Is this America or not. If Mr.Ciarrocca wasn't such a snake the OPRA requests wouldn't be necessary.