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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Westfield Town Council Meeting Tonight: 8pm

"Ten minutes only,
count the fingers."
Residents are reminded to limit comments and questions to only that which the Town Council has jurisdiction over.  Please limit your time at the microphone to ten minutes or less. 

*NOTE:  Any time used up by the interruption or rebuttal by a sitting Town Council member or other persons in attendance may, or may not be, added to the time clock to allow the speaker to continue.  It is at the discretion of Mayor Skibitsky as to how much "overtime" will be allowed.

When the clock expires, time is up.

Please be respectful at all times.


  1. now thats a funny photo. Skibitsky the Ref.

  2. If the resident speaking is commenting in a positive tone regarding the mayor and any of his decisions he is more likely to be lenient with his time restraints.
    In direct contrast if the speaker is someone such as myself who continually irritates him by simply pointing out the truth the ten minute rule is strictly enforced.
    What a guy.