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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UPDATE: Integrity of Westfield Police Internal Affairs Investigation Questioned

     On June 2, 2011, The Fact of The Matter posted a story detailing a current Westfield Police Department Internal Affairs investigation into the who, what, where, when, and how, of The Fact of The Matter.  Go to the following link: for details.

In light of this ongoing investigation, TFoTM asks the following questions: 

1.  Does the lead Internal Affairs investigator Lt. Chris Battiloro recall the comments he made "directly or indirectly" to TFoTM at a recent service for a deceased retired member of the Westfield Police Department?

2.   Who is evaluating the comments made to TFoTM by the lead Internal Affairs investigator? 

3.  Did Lt. Battiloro fill out an Internal Affairs questionnaire himself; the same questionnaire that he handed out to all police department personnel?

4.  How can the lead investigator, Lt. Chris Battiloro conduct a fair and impartial investigation when he has made comments to TFoTM?

5. Is this an example of the fox guarding the hen house?

To be continued...........


  1. Perhaps he might use all of his highly esteemed people skills. I am sure that once the bright light hits a possible shifty character, the hair on his neck will stand up. Or perhaps he could read something, boring the suspect to death. So much for tests.

  2. Sad. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Westfield PD (and FD!). Unfortunately it seems that the leadership has more in common with "F Troop" and no one in town has the Chris Christie size gonads to deal with it.

  3. Captain Wilton ParmenterWednesday, June 22, 2011

    The town was forewarnedabout the pitfalls over promoting Barney Tracy to chief. You would have thought the leadership of the town would have learned a lesson. Then when Tracy left, Parizeau wanted no part of being chief. Why was he appointed chief? The town made the same mistake twice. The town is setting up Captain Wayman to be the next chief. Is looks like the leadership of the town is what needs to go. Bad decision after bad decision. Wayman as chief = bad decision. The town can't say it hasn't been forewarned.

  4. Hey I remember another event that mimic this one. It was stated in 1480 by King FerdinandII of Aragon it was call The Spanish Inquisition.

  5. Looks like the Skoal Bandit got caught. Maybe Beaton, Ferry and Martino should start their own legal protection fund. Paul just tell them Barney made you do it. Thats what you get for selling your soul.

  6. Now I understand why this site did not post a copy of the internal affairs questionnaire. There was speculation that the handouts were coded in some way or another to track them if they got into the hands of non-police personnel.

  7. Does this site have a copy of the questions? Will you post them here?

  8. The Fact of The MatterWednesday, June 22, 2011

    TFoTM will not post a copy of questions we have. We do not wish to cause a source to be identified and possibly terminated. TFoTM believes that the qestions were coded and handed out to be able to identify who received which questionnaire.

    TFoTM believes that each questionaire was surreptitiously marked in some way in order to identify which officer got which questionnaire. We further believe that if the questionnaire is published, the department will be able to identify the source of information.

    The police department cannot afford another embarrassment after other departmental memo's revealing misconduct and alleged cover-ups were obtained by, and revealed on The Fact of The Matter.

  9. The real question is.......Which one of the 3 wise men, is smart enough to catch the culprit? Perhaps with help, they might be able to reel in the one responcible. I heard once, one of them identified a fart in a phone booth.

  10. So..what did he say directly or indirectly to TFoTM?

  11. Whats the matter TFoTM? You didnt post my comment from the other day? Truth hurts huh?

  12. The Fact of The MatterFriday, June 24, 2011

    From time to time The Fact of The Matter receives comments containing profanity that don't get posted. If you would like to submit a comment, please stay on topic about the blog story you are posting a comment under and keep any derogatory reference to a local intermediate school out of your post.

    TFoTM wants to take this opportunity to thank you individually for logging on. Although we don't expect our readers to agree with everything posted, "this Blog is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. We believe this Blog increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people."

    This blog story has obviously touched a nerve. If you, "anonymous" are an employee of the WPD, you might want to reconsider discussing anything or commenting on issues currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs division of the WPD. Thank you for your contribution to this site.

  13. There was no profanity in my post. Just stating a fact. I am not an employee of the WPD so there is no need for my comments to be reconsidered. Just a Westfield resident that has seen this blog and the antics that occur on the Westfield forum and wondering why adults are so consumed in petty drama. Pretty sad

  14. The Fact of The MatterSaturday, June 25, 2011

    Your post was off topic and an opinion.

    The information exposed on this blog is information not readily obtained by the public. Although you may categorize the information being exposed as "petty drama," there are those that consider it vital to understanding what goes on behind closed doors and out of sight from the public.

    Nobody forces anyone to log onto this sight. There is a reason why you have chosen to log on.

    If you find the information revealed and the comments posted to be "petty drama," may I suggest that you not log on.

  15. Not sure whether its the summer time and lots of people are on vacation...or if the pending internal affairs investigation has struck fear into the hearts of men....but the amount of comments here has dropped to zero....come on boys where there is a will there is a way to get the information out .... be creative you know you can do it...... you guys are smarter the Parizeau and Wayman.... even Battiloro cant out think all of you......

  16. Are you people serious! My 15 year old sons rights were totally violated tonight at a high school football game! The so called WPD. Lieutenant Rory Gentry forcefully detained him for hours in handcuffs I might add.. He and his "partner" for not stopping his peer from in justice! are cowards! If you manhandle a kid put him in handcuffs! There will be consequences!! The WPD is not known for there intelligence, the are three cold case murders that the whole town knows about, but they are to clueless to figure out... Plz inform me of how to contact the internal affairs for WPD...

  17. Are you serious right now! The so called WPD totally violated my sons rights at a high school football game!! He was illegally detained! In handcuffs I might add!! For reasons they couldn't explain??? The WPD is not known for there intelligence in the past, there are three unsolved murders that the whole town knows about, but "they" can't figure out!! Lieutenant R.G. needs to learn the laws to which he is a servant of!! Instead of manhandling teenagers... The internal affairs should seriously look in depth at the whole department. If they can violate a teens rights no telling what they are willing to do??? Plz could someone tell me how to reach the Westfield internal affairs??? any media would help also

  18. Also any media would help, if someone could guide me to sources would greatly be appreciated, thx again..