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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Westfield DPW Worker Hospitalized After Fall

A 75 year old Westfield Department of Public Works employee was rushed to University Hospital on Monday after he fell and struck his head on concrete while working in the area of the World War I Monument on North Ave.

It is unknown at this time what caused the worker to fall and strike his head which resulted in the town employee sustaining severe head trauma.


  1. Why is the town employing a 75 year old man. Isn't the liability for having someone his age greater then paying him a pension. Now we are on the hook for his medical bills and a workmans comp claim. Way to go town fathers.

  2. I was told he was 77, and there is suppose to be another thats 73.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers should be extended to this man and his family at this time, and we should all wish him a speedy and full recovery from such a terrible accident. A very dedicated employee of many years who prides himself on keeping our monument and its grounds beautiful.. When most seem to not care its nice to think of the few that do, no matter what age they are... grow up Westfield and God bless you J.M. GET WELL SOON....