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Friday, August 05, 2011

The Games Continue: The Monopolization of Free Parking

 Monopolization - domination (of a market or commodity) to the exclusion of others

     The Westfield Town Council passed an ordinance approving free parking for Westfield town employees possessing a parking permit.      
     All town employees can obtain their free parking permit by requesting the same from the parking department of the Westfield Police Department. 
     The lot is convenient for trips to town and is located behind the fire department, closest to the N.J. Transit train tracks.  The ordinance specifically states that the town will issue these permits to town employees only

     Town Ordinance
 Section: 13-35B  "Permit Parking"
(f)   Certain spaces within a portion of Municipal Lot 2 shall be by permit only, which shall be evidenced by a hang tag, issued by the town, to be displayed on the vehicle at all times.  Such permits shall only be available to employees of the Town of Westfield and shall be non-transferable. 
     Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact town officials at the following email addresses and/or telephone numbers.:

Mayor & Town Council members:  908-789-4046
Westfield Town Administrator James Gildea:   908-789-4041
Moyor's Executive Assistant Joan Thermann:  908-789-4041


  1. Is there a rason for this perk? Who thought this up? Will all town employees begin to hang out in Westfield? Is this to allow a rear entrance into "The office"?

  2. It states all employees does that include retired personnel as well.