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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea Distorts The Truth.....Again

     At last night's town council meeting, Town Administrator Jim Gildea approached the microphone after a resident had addressed the council about the ongoing safety issues regarding the mid-block pedestrian light on Central Ave.  Gildea was in defense mode to diffuse any speculation that the current location of the pedestrian light is less safe than it would be if located at the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St. 
     Gildea stated that the two accidents that occurred in the area did not happen at the pedestrian light but at the intersection of Central Ave. and Clover St.  The fact of the matter is, there have been a total of three accidents, all within the vicinity of the pedestrian crossing.  TFoTM will forgive Mr. Gildea for his "selective memory."  
     Additionally, Gildea stated that the accidents were "minor" in nature.  Once again, the fact of the matter is that there was extensive damage to motor vehicles involved in these "minor accidents", and in one case an accident victim was placed in a rescue squad ambulance as a result of her injuries.  (See photos and video link below)  That accident took place not at the intersection of Central and Clover, but right on the pedestrian crosswalk moments after schoolchildren had crossed. Click on the link below to watch video of accident scene. 
     Mr. Gildea neglected to reference this serious accident when he attempted to distort the truth. 
     Finally, Gildea advised the town council, that the Central Ave. corridor has experienced a 25% decrease in accidents since traffic safety measures have been implemented.  TFoTM asks Jim Gildea: What does the entire length of Central Ave. from E. Broad St. to the border in Clark have anything to do with the issue of whether or not the current location of the HAWK pedestrian signal is safer at its present location or if relocated to the corner? 
     The facts are that the location of the pedestrian signal has experienced 3 motor vehicle accidents, causing injury and extensive property damage in the last 5 months of the signals 6 months in operation.  The intersection of Central & Clover had experienced a total of 10 accidents in the 6 years leading up to a 2005 traffic safety study; the last time data was compiled. 

     The current pace at which accidents occur at the present location of the pedestrian light will equate to over a 400% increase over six years, not a decrease.  Mr. Gildea, you can keep your -25% for the rest of Central Ave.  Don't compare apples to oranges.    Also, Mr. Gildea, don't worry about answering the question, with your track record, TFoTM doesn't expect the truth anytime soon.  Why not just cross fingers behind your back when you speak. 
     Go to the following link to watch video:    Ask yourself, was this a minor accident?  Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea thinks it was.


  1. There appears to be a recurring theme of misplaced crosswalks surrounding Mr.Gildea. Someone should ask him about the very controversial crosswalk placed intersecting with another private driveway at the location of Highland Avenue/Sinclair Place in Westfield. The town council was presented a petition with over 350 signatures in opposition to this dangerous location, but guess what? The obviously proper location of this crosswalk posed a conflict of interest for Mr.Gidea. Mommy and Daddy's house would have the crosswalk intersecting with their property. Oh my! We couldn't have that happen now could we. Something tells me if Mr. Gildea's mommy and daddy lived at 1310 Central there is no way that light and crosswalk would have been placed there. And the same sentiment goes for every council member and their family's.
    See photo of flooded crosswalk at Highland Ave/Sinclair Pl. in the Westfield Leader, Thursday,March 10, 2011,page 5, top left. It appears the kids would need a canoe to cross at this location.

  2. Just another day in the world of the entitled James Gildea. If not for the sudden death of Bernie Heeney, he never would have been elevated to his position. Better yet, he should never have been elevated to the position period. You want to blame the demise of this town, look no further than Jim's office.

  3. Someone(maybe TFOTM)should look into what role or influence Gildea had on the town council's safety committee that recommended moving the crosswalk from in front of HIS PARENT'S HOME on Highland Ave. to where it is today against the wishes of over 300 neighborhood residents.

  4. Mr.Gidea is a bold faced liar. At last nights council meeting he attempted to down play the three motor vehicle accidents that have taken place at the newly constructed safest crosswalk in Westfield. I have personally witnessed the aftermath of all three accidents and contrary to Mr.Gidea's statements these were NOT MINOR ACCIDENTS. In each case there was thousands of dollars of property damage sustained. He also attempted to put forth the notion that the accidents did not occur at the dangerous Hawk light location, but that they occurred at the intersection of Clover and Central. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!! The first accident on April 25th was right in the crosswalk and the next two accidents both in September were a direct result of the confusing giant white stripes painted on the shoulder that ultimately caused two three car pile ups. Those are the facts! That is the truth. Mr.Gidea is nothing more than a HACK for the regime!

  5. The Fact of The MatterThursday, September 29, 2011

    Upon conclusion of the Town Council meeting Tuesday night, Jim Gildea, following his normal routine, appeared at the side door of the municipal building to "lock up" for the night. Mr. Gildea was asked, "Jim,do minor accidents include injuries?" The question, referred to Jim Gildea's earlier comment during the council meeting that the accidents that had occurred in the area of the Central Ave. pedestrian light were "minor:. Unable or unwilling to formulate a legitimate response, he was then told, "Never mind, I already know the answer." In an arrogant and belligerent tone, Jim Gildea then stated, "Well then, if you already know the answer, then why did you ask the question" of which came the following timely response without delay......."Because for once Jim, I was hoping to hear you tell the truth." What followed was the slamming of the building's side door by Jim Gildea, seperating himself from those that were waiting for an answer.

    None of us held our breath.

  6. How many of these council members care about the welfare of the people of Westfield? It doesn't appear that many care.