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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fatal Accident: Driver Dies, Passenger In Critical Condition

The Fact of The Matter has learned that the helicopter hovering over Wesfield early this morning made a landing at Edison Intermediate School to transport a victim involved in what is now being described as a fatal accident.  An anonymous source provided information to TFoTM stating that Westfield EMS transported a victim to Edison Intermediate School to be taken by helicopter from a landing zone designated by Westfield Police, located at the school.  
The accident took place at the intersection of Tice Pl. and Clifton St.  Preliminary reports are that the driver of a motor vehicle, being described as a man in his mid-20's, neglected to stop for a stop sign and "broad-sided" another motor vehicle carrying an elderly couple. 
The hometown of the couple is unknown but the driver of the other vehicle is allegedly a former Westfield resident now residing in Connecticut.  A man was flown to a nearby trauma center and was pronounced dead.  One passenger of a wrecked vehicle remains in critical condition.
One of the vehicles appears to have ended up on the front lawn of a Tice Pl. residence as tire tracks were visible in the front lawn.  In one picture a large boulder was overturned by the impact of the crash.
It is unknown at this time if weather conditions were a factor.  What is known is that the intersection is believed to be controlled by a stop sign.



  1. Westfield EMS was who transported the man to Edison to be taken by helicopter. Only the man was taken via helicopter, all other victims were transported via ambulance, with mutual aid from Clark. Mountainside had no involvement. Both cars actually ended up on the front lawns.

    For a site that so often touts having the truth, please actually make sure you're publishing it.

  2. The Fact of The MatterSunday, October 02, 2011

    Thank you for correcting the information regarding which town's EMS transported a victim to the helicopter. The story has been corrected.

    As stated in the story, "One of the vehicles appears to have ended up on the front lawn of a Tice Pl. residence as tire tracks were visible in the front lawn." TFoTM didn't rule out that both vehicles could have ended up on the front lawn. The photographs were taken the morning after and at the time of the posting on this site, the Westfield Police Department had not yet released a statement.

    Once again, TFoTM would like to thank you for providing more details surrounding this unfortunate and tragic accident.

  3. Kasko made a mistake. A reader pointed out the mistake. Kasko agreed with the reader, corrected the mistake and thanked the reader for pointing out the mistake. That shows something of his character. If only the mayor and town council, in other matters, had the balls to do the same!

  4. Also the landing zone was not set up by the police. It was set up by Cranford FD due to the lack of manpower of our own FD.

  5. The Fact of The MatterTuesday, October 04, 2011

    Thank you for letting readers know what other departments assisted the Westfield Police Dept. in setting up a landing zone. I'm sure that the WPD selected the site based on its close proximity to the accident. Cranford FD was requested to respond, as were other agencies, to help out. Mutual aid from other towns is not uncommon when an accident of this magnitude occurs. It is TFoTM's understanding that the Westfield Fire Dept. was needed to extricate victims from a vehicle at the scene of the accident however, we do agree with you that the WFD is currently understaffed and could not handle both the landing of the helicopter and the extraction activities.

  6. I agree with you Anonymous. Once again Greg Kasko proved that he really is a man of integrity, that he stands by the truth. He has the courage to recognize a mistake (if it is a real one), and to correct it.

    We need people like him in the government of this town. He might influence others to do the same, and to really work for the people’s best interest not only to satisfy their interest and ego.

  7. Who he hell investigated this accident Picasso???? What's the paint in the street????.