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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Accident: More Vehicles Collide at Mayor Skibitsky's "Safest Location" for The HAWK Pedestrian Light.

Some have asked, "Why does the Mayor continue to dig his heels in on this issue." 
Answer: Stubborn Pride
Time to swallow some Pride.  We all make mistakes.
Vehicles in accident
     Westfield's expert consulting engineer Gordon Meth revealed in a 2005 traffic study for the Town of Westfield that there had been 10 accidents in 6 years at the unsignalized intersection of Clover & Central.  The new HAWK mid-block, signalized pedestrian crossing on Central Ave. has yielded 4 accidents in 6 months.  At that rate, expect 48 accidents in the same time frame as Mr. Meth's study.  To quote Union County Freeholder Sullivan and Freeholder Chairwoman Scanlon, "Something just doesn't seem right about this light."

      At approximately 11:19 this morning it happened again.  Another motor vehicle accident at Mayor Skibitsky's self-proclaimed "safest location" for the HAWK pedestrian crossing.  Two vehicles were involved in today's accident.  Thankfully, no pedestrians were struck.  Is it a matter of time before an innocent pedestrian or worse, a child, is struck using this mid-block crossing that was requested by Westfield Town officials after their expert consulting engineer Gordon Meth had originally proposed a crossing at the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St?
     No doubt Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea will accuse this blogsite of fear-mongering, along with 4th Ward Town Councilman Jim Foerst, who is seeking re-election on November 8th; how despicable.  We thought Westfield politics included an unwritten rule that once you serve two terms, you move over, move on.  Oh, I'm sorry, is that only for the Mayor's office?   
     Councilman Foerst has been profiled extensively by this blog.
TFoTM has chronicled some of Mr. Foerst's tantrums at council meetings and his willingness to speak his own mind.  Stealing a page from Councilman Foerst's closing statements at Monday night's Town Council Candidates forum which can be seen on Westfield TV36, TFoTM states the following:
TFoTM was there for Councilman Foerst when he lost control at a Town Council meeting;
TFoTM was there for Councilman Foerst when he was all ears to a complaint about the Central Ave light;
TFoTM was there when it was exposed that he had sent Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky's administrative assistant Joan Thermann an email suggesting advocates from WeCare, a group that was in opposition of the construction of parking decks, be followed by police.

Accident occurred at pedestrian crossing
     Jim Foerst was there for The Fact of The Matter when he gave us a "shout out" during his recent GOP interview with the Westfield Leader.  Forget about TFoTM for now Jim and focus on the residents that seek your help.
     Now, will Councilman Foerst be there for those that seek the relocation of the Central Ave. Pedestrian HAWK light to the intersection?  Don't hold your breath.  If the Mayor says no, Jimbo says no.
     He was there for the residents against the proposed cell tower in ward 4. 

     In fact, TFoTM believes he was there for that issue alongside the power brokers of local politics, Sen. Kean and Assemblyman Bramnick because Jimbo seems to like to ride the coat-tails of more influential politicians knowing the outcome will cast him in a good light with the voters.  An example of self-serving politics. 
     Jimbo likes to take credit for many things and is not afraid to tell anyone about it.  He constantly reminds everyone how unselfish he is by being a councilman and reminds us all, that he serves for just $1 without even cashing the check.  Jim, you are always there for TFoTM, so we are here for you. 

TFoTM says, "Thanks Jim".


  1. Has there been any other location in town where more accidents have occurred since the time the light was installed?

    If not, the answer is clear no matter what the mayor, Gildea or any study says.

  2. One would have to assume that the town shares some of the responsibility for the damage to these vehicles. If any of the owners were to consult with an attorney and it is discovered that the Town moved the light against the recommendationts of their engineer, well then could the town be held liable?

  3. Maria Carluccio againThursday, October 27, 2011

    I have now witnessed the aftermath of four, yes I said FOUR accidents at this location which is approximately 100 ft. from my driveway. The circumstances are remarkably similar in each case and contrary to driver inattention which is the ridiculous notion town administrator Jim Gildea puts forth, the actual reason for all the accidents is nobody knows what the heck to do when they find themselves as motorists having to make a split second decision and there is all this nonsense going on in such a limited section of the road. Here are just a few examples of what could go through a drivers mind when they're approaching this stretch of Central, i.e., Was that a light? Did I just run a red light? Is that a road or is that a driveway? Can I go around this car making a left onto Clover? What do these giant white stripes mean? Now that the red light has disappeared can I go now? Is this a crosswalk in the middle of this busy street? Who the heck put this light straddling this private driveway? Who is this mad woman out here yelling at me to call the mayor? I could go on and on but I'm hoping you're getting the gist. Now that we've had 4 accidents in only six months I hope you all realize the next accident could be you or your neighbor or your loved one or Mayor Skibitsky for that matter. Get rid of the stupid light. It causes accidents. What more proof is needed? Bodily injury? Is that what it's going to take Westfield? Wake up for goodness sake!!!!!!

  4. Maria, take a deep breath and just think for a this time next week, I will have moved this accident to Central and Sycamore as if nothing ever happened. Even better, my 25% decrease in accidents along the Cental Ave. corridor will now be at 24.75%. Just think, we are still looking good as far as the Central Ave. corridor. Who cares about your stinkin' location.

  5. In the mean time, lets ignore all the other accidents that happen around the clock at other locations in the town.