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Friday, October 28, 2011

Video: Westfield Candidates Debate

Go to the posted web link to watch this years candidates for Westfield Town Council participate in a forum/debate.  The video link is provided by the Westfield Leader newspaper.

Westfield Candidates Forum, October 24, 2011
Westfield Municipal Building - 7 pm arrival
Moderator Lauren Barr -
Timekeeper Betsey Burgdorf
Ward 1 GOP Frank Arena (I); Ward 1 DEM Timothy Van Epp
Ward 2 GOP JoAnn Neylan (I); Ward 2 DEM No candidate filed
Ward 3 GOP Mark LoGrippo *; Ward 3 DEM Matthew Sontz
Ward 3 IND Greg Kasko
Ward 4 GOP Jim Foerst (I); Ward 4 DEM Gregory Romer
§  Questions will be given to the Wards in order (1,2,3,4)
§  Wards 1 & 4 candidates will flip a coin in order to determine who gets the first question.
§  Ward 3 candidates will draw numbers from a hat in order to determine the order of the questions.
§  The order to closing statements will be determined by numbers drawn from a hat by each candidate (1-8).
§  Some topics are ward specific and those questions will be included in that particular ward
1.     Increased revenue
2.     Budget transparency
3.     Snow & leaf removal
4.     Downtown Vacancies
5.     The role of Acting Mayor
6.     Ferraro’s fire
7.     Central Ave. pedestrian signal
8.     Board of Ed. Budget
9.     Sewer Utility
10.    More from Union County
11.    WHS Parking
12.    Tax appeals
13.    Historic home teardowns
14.    Capital budget
15.    Shared services
16.    Police & fire manpower


  1. Good Luck to all the candidates

  2. Luck is not what Westfield needs. Skibitsky's puppets must go and real men and women need to stand up to the powers that be instead of caving like the council members we have representing us now.

  3. My thoughts on the candidates after watching the video.
    Ward 1
    Arena comes across as a caring person, knows how to play to the camera and say the right things. Knowledgeable on the issues. Incumbent supportive of current state of affairs in town. VanEpp appears to be intelligent and his background would bee an asset to the council but needs some energy. Talks about "visioning" which throws me off. I like reality.

    Ward 2
    Neylan has no opponent. The only comment is that she also plays to the camera as an incumbent to make it look like all is well and the Mayor and current council are doing a fine job and there is no need to rock the boat. Comes across as wholesome.

    Ward 3
    LoGrippo appears to be a little nervous, I'd be also. Reading from a script most of the time. Attacks opponent instead of answering some questions. Does not seem to be "in it to win it." A "team" player" for current council. Sontz is knowledgeable and critical of current government and seeks change. Articulate and prepared but fast talker, maybe because of time. Wants to curb wasteful spending. Kasko appears informed. Answers questions with numbers and examples public understands. Articulate and prepared. Critical of fire staffing levels and wasteful spending.

    Ward 4
    My ward, I will vote. Foerst is knowledgeable and informed. Has served admirably. Talks to the people. Supports current councils stance on all issues; has to, he is an incumbent. Somewhat "full of himself" but that can be confused with being knowledgeable and forceful. Romer appears to be in it for the fun of it. Not that I don't think he would make a good councilman, but he came across as a bit aloof. I think he would bring a clear conscience to the council.

  4. Ward 3,
    If you are truly desirous in a change for the better; VOTE KASKO ON NOV.8!!

  5. The non existence of a balance on our town council can only be corrected if LoGrippo loses. Please vote on Nov. 8th and please vote Kasko.