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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Westfield DPW "Helping Hands" Tied Up

     Westfield DPW Supt. Claude Shaffer  decided to "lend helping hands" to the Westfield United Fund when Westfield needed them most. 
     Mayor Skibitsky's rally call that the taxpayer is receiving "More with Less" these days is demonstrated in the "brilliant" leadership of DPW Supt. Claude Shaffer.  Mismanagement has manifested itself again.
     The Fact of The Matter has learned that while the Town is staggering under major damage from last weekends storm, while our fire department is running at an overload level, while the police are working overtime around the clock, we see the warped priorities that have plagued this Town's Department of Public Works.
     The Westfield United Fund has always had an excellent reputation for efficient and effective distribution of funds to help solve community problems. All contributions go directly to the services provided by the Westfield United Fund community based member agencies. 

     TFoTM was tipped off by a commuter that while the entire State of N.J. is in an emergency, Claude Shaffer, the head of Westfield's Public Works Dept., appears to have ordered three men to install the United Fund sign at the North Ave. Train Station.  A resident of Westfield was livid at the sight of what appeared to be a scene taken right from the old joke, "how many men does it take to screw in a light bulb" while parts of town are littered with storm debris, streets remain a maze to drivers navigating from point A to point B, and storm cleanup is a priority. 
     We all support and appreciate the United Fund for its charitable intentions, but charity takes a back seat to an emergency.  
     TFoTM asks DPW Supt. Claude Shaffer, how could anyone in their right mind take three men and equipment away from the disaster and storm relief for several hours to install a Westfield United Way sign when Westfield needed those helping hands the most.   


  1. Drive down Barchester to Lawrence, huge tree blocking road to Lawrence. Drive past Barchester to Woods End; another tree in the road and NO power. I can see a day or so but now its day 4. Help

  2. Nothing like rearranging the deck chairs after hitting the ice burg.

  3. They boys are raking leaves and maintaining Westfield's parks today. So much for cleaning streets. Talk around town is that if you don't call to complainn they won't come to clean up. First come, first serve.

  4. I thought the mayor's job was to make sure things like this don't happen. He has no problem cutting ribbons at store openings and shaking hands to get re-elected but is nowhere when the taxpayer needs him most