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Sunday, October 02, 2011

When Trust & Respect Outweigh Disclosure

     Debate on an issue must be supported by facts in order for one side to tip the scale in it's favor.  Personal opinions can often cloud the judgement of some, on topics debated.  A position on an issue can be taken by anyone.  Facts, not opinions, must support a position for it to sustain validity, otherwise, it's just an opinion.  Like the old saying goes, "opinions are like --------, everyone has one."
     When is a conversation off the record?  How does a blog decide what to disclose on its site once a conversation is under way, and it isn't until halfway through the conversation that the person says, "Of course this is off the record, right?" 
     In order for The Fact of The Matter to obtain some of the information we have been able to post here on this site, trust must exist between a source and TFoTM.  There is a reason why we have been able to garner some details or facts about some things that others don't want seeing the light of day.  One may not agree with how information is disseminated here on this site, the way in which it is disseminated, or how information is obtained by TFoTM.  That is understandable.
Recently, converstions took place.  These conversations revealed information that could have been posted here.  The information was not obtained through the usual channels or sources.  Halfway through one of the conversations, the person stopped and said, "this is off the record, right."  Did that mean every word up to that point was on the record?  Does that mean it can be revealed here?
     As stated earlier, in order for TFoTM to obtain some of the information revealed on this site, trust between this site and the source of information must exist.  What also must emanate from that trust, is respect.
     TFoTM has the utmost respect for two separate people, party to separate conversations, weeks apart, with TFoTM.  They put themselves into the position of being a source of information, albeit unknowingly. 
     That is where the line is drawn.  Their personal emotions, and pleas for understanding of their position did not go unnoticed.  What they expressed was emotion on private matters.  They "trust" it will not appear here.  Out of respect, it will not.

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