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Monday, November 07, 2011

Today Is Election Day

Polls are open from 6 am. - 8 pm.

Exercise your right to vote!


  1. Good luck Greg.....

  2. Found more Skibitsky propaganda at the front door this morning. It looks like the same letter he wrote in last weeks newspaper. I've received enough LoGrippo junk mail I'm going to vote GRIP. Get Rid of Incument politicians.

  3. I also received Skibitsky/LoGrippo junk mail today. Here's an observation...

    Skibitsky's commentary starts out innocent enough. He states: "To mislead the public, be it deliberately or simply out of ignorance... is doing a grave disservice to our community." Sure, of course. No one can argue against that point. It's like saying a politician is "for schools" or "for better roads" or "for the elderly." It's non-controversial and gets the reader to agree.

    He proceeds to indicate that others have been circulating what he calls "misinformation."

    He continues on the issue of whether or not the Westfield Fire Dept. is adequately staffed. I’m not going to touch that one right now. It’s certainly a topic that has been discussed repeatedly and there are good points on both sides of the issue. Instead, I’m going to focus on Skibitsky’s message itself.

    Here’s where Skibitsky then takes a “dirty” turn in his message. He proceeds to SPIN his message at this point in such a way as to SUGGEST that the opposing politicians have been showing “disrespect” to the town’s firefighters. His exact words are “Campaigns should be praising the actions of the town’s firefighters… rather than trying to scare the residents…”

    That’s where I have a problem with it. That’s where Skibitsky and LoGrippo have hit below the belt.

    It’s at this point that Skibitsky and LoGrippo are now trying to influence voters into thinking that it is only Mark LoGrippo who actually respects our Westfield firefighters while the others have, presumably, shown nothing but disdain for our Westfield firefighters. A message like that is almost the equivalent of saying that Mark LoGrippo’s opponents are “against children, the elderly, firefighters and even soft cuddly kittens named ‘Fluffy’”.

    If anything, I’d say it’s Skibitsky and LoGrippo who are the ones showing disrespect for the firefighters!!

    Recent fires in our town have suggested to many in our town that our fire dept. could be dangerously understaffed. Meanwhile, it’s Skibitsky and LoGrippo’s opponents who are advocating additional hires to the department. It’s Skibitsky and LoGrippo’s opponents who want to beef up the staffing to HELP our firefighters doing their jobs and protecting our people/property while Skibitsky and LoGrippo continue to advocate for lower and lower staffing at the fire dept.

    So, who really is showing respect to our firefighters?

    And, who really is showing respect to the voters/citizens with garbage writing like what Skibitsky/LoGrippo have provided?!

    My vote has been cast for Greg Kasko and I wish him luck today!