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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Today is S.W.A.T. Day

The Westfield Police Department's E.S.U. (Emergency Services Unit) will be training today.  Translation: Westfield taxpayers will be footing the overtime bill for Chief Parizeau and Captain Wayman to gather their chosen few and play war.  Dressed in assault gear, the unit will practice maneuvers and special weapons and tactics.

Union County Prosecutor Ted Romankow has advised municipalities to disband local S.W.A.T.  and/or E.S.U. Teams because the County provides this service. Nothing like a duplication of services to flush taxpayer money down the toilet.



  2. If the ESU is disbanded what will happen to the equipment the department purchased. Will John and Dave keep it or will there be a sale on ebay?????

  3. Give it to BOMAR. Retired Westfield PD officerBob Bartkus' company. The same company that runs training programs for Westfield ESU. I wonder how much taxpayer money is spent on that. A little "kickback" here and there.

  4. or maybe Barney can add it to his collection of stolen property from the PD's property room. Thats where he got his bicycles, landscaping equipment, and other proceeds.


    maybe Captain Wayman can store them with his John List items he pilfered from the department. Check his locked filing cabinet that he hides all his porn in. Right Dave, the locked porn cabinet in the locker-room, we all know about that one.

  5. If someone takes property, any property at all/ lets say porn magazines and pictures from a raid depicting go go girls in various stages of dress or undress and keeps all those pictures for themselves isnt that Theft and Official Misconduct?