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Monday, January 23, 2012

If Only They Would Walk In The Boots For A Day

     The Westfield Town Council refuses to allow its "experts" to answer questions at council meetings.  Among others, Westfield Fire Chief Dan Kelly, whom the Mayor considers an "expert" in the field of fire safety, has been muzzled by the Mayor. 
     The Fact of The Matter would like to know if the reduction in manpower/staffing at the fire department has impacted safety.               

     Perhaps town officials should walk in the boots of a firefighter to understand the dangers of the profession when safety in numbers is jeopardized.
Here is what our "fearless" leaders might look like if they ever "volunteer".

The Chief & Deputy
(Andy Skibitsky and JoAnn Neylan)

The "Gear Girl"
Councilwoman Vicki Kimmins

"Along for the ride"
Jim Foerst,  Frank Arena, Sam Della Fera,  Keith Loughlin

The "Pumper"
Mark LoGrippo

The "Entry Artist"
The "Ax-man"
Dave Haas


  1. OMG........I just pee'd in my pants! LOL!

  2. Apropos and outstanding. One of the best caricatures I've seen on this site. Even better than the Jimbo (Dumbo) Foerst picture with the big ears.

  3. I sit and look at these pictures you've created and I can't figure out why u didn't get elected. Maybe it cause everything that comes out on this page is ALWAYS so negative. Maybe u really should think about moving if u think the fire dept. sucks the police dept. sucks the public works sucks the administration sucks all department heads suck. Try actually doing some good and use this site to help the people that just lost their lively hoods. You could actually accomplish something good for your community and that is what you set out to do.

    1. It is very difficult to win any election when not backed by a political party. Westfield is a wonderful town in which to live and raise a family. The men and women of the police and fire departments should be commended for their dedicated service. It's unfortunate that exposing mismanagement, wasteful spending, cronyism, corruption and the effect each one has on local government and it's officials appears negative. The fact of the matter is, there is nothing positive about any of them.

      TFoTM took the time and effort, along with others in the community, to assist the victims of the Ferarro's fire by raising money and providing the resources necessary to obtain charitable contributions including furniture and other house-hold furnishings. Perhaps our town officials can take the lead, in some way, to help out the victims of these fire tragedies.

      TFoTM is providing a service to the community by exposing what goes on behind the often closed door and stained glass of local government. By doing so, we hope to change the way town officials govern; we believe we have succeeded.

      You, or anyone else for that matter, have the ability to log on to any website you desire. TFoTM did not force you to log on at The Fact of The Matter. There are many reasons why this site is visited everyday by residents, former residents, neighbors, friends, and people from many professions, including local politicians. Whatever it is that motivates them to log on, there is no doubt the desire will continue. Whether it is the stories being told, the cartoons, or comments posted, this website will continue to foster a level of communication not found in newspapers and other forms of media.

      TFoTM respects a readers opinion and their opposing view on issues. Just because we print information about a corrupt police chief does not mean the entire police department "sucks" as you have stated. Just because we are critical of staffing levels at the fire department does not mean we think the fire department "sucks." Just because the DPW has issues each year with snow removal or other storm clean-up does not mean the DPW "sucks." Just because some town officials allow the wasteful spending, mismanagement, cronyism, and corruption to continue does not mean they all "suck."
      At least here at TFoTM, when we support local residents on important issues, we don't have Mayor Skibitsky admonishing us behind a closed door.

      What is a shame is that there are those that will sit back and allow the mismanagement, wasteful spending, cronyism, and corruption to continue without ever doing anything about it. TFoTM will not.

      Thank you for your posting here at The Fact of The Matter. We look forward to continuing to expose issues in such a way that provokes our readers to respond. It is up to them to decide whether or not their response is negative or positive.

  4. I sit and look at these pics and stories and understand full well why you weren't elected. The entry from the other anonymous who pees his/her pants is telling about what type of audience loves this site and supports you.

  5. The pictures are creative. I would love to see the members of the town council practice what they preach. Let me see anyone of them volunteer as a firefighter. That is if they are not turned away like so many others.

  6. Creative? What a waste of time