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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Happened There, It Happens Here: Police Internal Affairs Corruption

     The Internal Affairs division of any police department is supposed to be comprised of individuals with the highest regard for integrity.
     The web-link found at the bottom of this blog story, about a corrupt internal affairs division of a police department, should remind readers that what happened there, has happened Westfield.  Town officials have denied access to internal affairs files citing state law protecting their interests even though an officer has given permission for the files to be released.
     Why won't town officials release the files?  Because to do so would shed light on a corrupt and routinely manipulated system of police policing the police. 
John M. Parizeau
     You don't have to look any further than the current administration of the Westfield Police Department led by Chief John Parizeau to find evidence of tampering.  Parizeau's mentor, former Westfield Police Chief Bernard Tracy was no stranger to violating Internal Affairs procedures to be followed during investigations.  His manipulation of the process ensured that his own misconduct would not be subjected to the scrutiny of the Union County Prosecutor's Office and the N.J. Attorney General.  It is alleged that Chief Tracy used the internal affairs process as a retaliatory tool to silence officers exposing corruption. 
     In any police department, the illegal removal and/or destruction of evidence placed in an internal affairs file is forbidden. 
     The Westfield Police Department has had a history with mishandling evidence, including recorded interviews, right up to the present time. 
     Current Police Chief John Parizeau has been investigated for the alleged tampering of a recorded conversation and is currently being investigated for the alleged misconduct surrounding the theft of time by one of his supervisors which was blogged about here at The Fact of The Matter after we obtained a copy of a confidential memo handed out to police supervisors.  The blog story continues to remain one of the "Most Popular" stories visited by our readers and can be found to the right side of TFoTM's homepage or by clicking on the following link 
Mayor Skibitsky and Town Administrator Jim Gildea refuse to answer any questions regarding the matter.

Last year, Westfield Police Chief Parizeau authorized an internal affairs investigation into this very website; The Fact of The Matter.  How much Westfield taxpayer money was used to fund the investigation that went nowhere?  All it did was prove that town officials will go to any extreme to thwart the flow of information that they don't want the public to see. 

Go to the following link to read blog story on Westfield Police Department's investigation into TFoTM

Go to the following link to read related story of corrupt internal affairs officer being indicted.


  1. Corruption in Internal affairs.....nah..cant believe it....Cliff wouldnt cover somthing Piano sleeping on the job ..... complaints filed by his supervisor at the time....nothing done....Rowe stealing time from the department nothing done.....Wayman misconduct with a Hispanic Man in front of the Charlie Browns....and...Nothing done......keep up the good work IA!!!!!!

  2. Just another example of WPD moving individuals up the chain of command and advancing in rank that are not qualified. Captain Clifford Auchter, truly a joke of a supervisor and investigator. Hired on to WPD after failing out of the NJSP Police Academy, aligned himself with the old guard and advanced with no testing. Spent a small time in patrol and was moved into the Detective Bureau (Juvenile)where he was the standard joke of the Police Department for his lack of a spine and any Police skills, because of a loophole in the contract he was promoted to Det Sergeant without any testing, a few years later he acted in concert with a few others to have the promotional test waived for lieutenant and he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant without any formal testing. The rank of Captain required no testing at the time and he once again moved up the Chain with no formal testing, Cliff couldnt find his ass in the shower but he is conducting Internal Affairs investigations. 35 plus years on the job and this guy has done NOTHING to benefit the Department or the Town, how do you expect him to keep the Internal Integrity of the Department in tact. I remember when he first started hating you GK. Remember you caught him red handed covering up the facts in a juvenile criminal matter and he pulled his usual holy than thou pompous ploy on you and you buried him. GK keep up all your great work bringing out the Facts of the Matters.

  3. No Formal Testing come on, Dave Wayman took all the tests, lets see he Failed the entrance exam, failed the Sergeants test, Had the answers to the Lieutenants test from Barney Tracy and failed the Captains test...............why do the taxpayers stand for this, their tax dollars paying for testing and its ignored and promotions are made by associations not abilities. This practice will continue to cost the taxpayers lots of money on law suits by letting the Department be led by sub par individuals. On that note WHY DOES MR GILDEA REFUSE TO RELEASE THE TEST RESULTS THAT YOU OPRAed? Because you will have REAL evidence of a coverup, or will it be like when Tracy got promoted and Gildea told everyone the results are LOST............MISMANAGEMENT, CORRUPTION OR BOTH.

  4. An internal affairs investigation should be done on the contact Skibitsky had with Parizeau and Wayman in Atlantic City weeks before the testing process had been completed for Chief in 2005. According to Detective Lisa Perotta, the Mayor asked her what she thought about Wayman and Parizeau and then he indicated to her that Parizeau and Wayman were the next Chief and Captain long before the testing was over.

  5. Saxy Davey I hear something really really great is about to show up on here EXPOSING you .................ROFL