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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mayor Skibitsky, a.k.a. "Snake Oil" Salesman

Town Administrator Jim Gildea
     The Fact of The Matter obtained a document that Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky referenced at a Town Council meeting last month.  The document appears to of been obtained by Mayor Skibitsky, through his Town Administrator Jim Gildea or from Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau.  Either way, the document is factually deceitful.
Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau
     The contents of the document are a history of accidents that allegedly occurred between 2002 - 2011 at the intersections of Clover St. & Central Ave. and Cambridge Rd. & Central Ave. 
     Mayor Skibitsky, in an attempt to bolster his non-expert opinion that the current location of the HAWK pedestrian activated light on Central Ave. at Cambridge Rd is at the safest location, used the accident data document to illustrate how many accidents have occurred at each location.  What the Mayor did not do is check his sources.  Perhaps if Mayor Skibitsky had taken the time to back check his facts TFoTM would not be writing this blog story.
      Several of the accidents on the Mayors "fact" sheet did not occur at either of the intersections the Mayor claimed they did.  TFoTM obtained a copy of each and every accident report the Mayor referenced.  We will stop short of accusing Mayor Skibitsky of knowingly providing false information to the public.  He most likely trusted his Town Administrator or Police Chief to provide him with competent data.  That was not the case.  Mayor, ignorance is not an excuse.

The following dates and times were obtained from Mayor Skibitsky's "data" sheet:  The actual factual location of the accidents were confirmed through cross checking the actual police reports.  The police case numbers are not included in this post .  The dates and times were confirmed from a police department computer generated report in TFoTM's possession.

1.  An accident dated 8-13-2010 took place at 8:18 am at Central & Clifton, a half mile away......not at Central & Clover as the Mayor claims.
2.  An accident dated 2-89-2011 took place at 3:54 pm in the driveway of 110 Cambridge Rd..........not at Central and Cambridge as the Mayor claims.
3.  An accident dated 11-21-09 took place at 5:57 pm in front of 125 Cambridge Rd involving a vehicle backing out of the driveway.........not at Central and Cambridge as the Mayor claims.
4.  Perhaps the most fabricated misrepresentation of the facts by Mayor Skibitsky is an accident that he told everyone, in attendance at a December Town Council meeting, happened at the intersection of Central Ave. & Cambridge Rd.  on 1-24-2003 at 3:29 pm.  Nice try Mayor................the accident Mayor Skibitsky cited actually occurred at the intersection of MOUNTAIN AVE. & ORCHARD ST.     

     In an attempt to bolster his waning credibility on the matter of the HAWK pedestrian light, Mayor Skibitsky has failed.  He wants the public to trust him.  He can't even trust his subordinates to give him factual and credible information. 
     Some teenage WHS students might not classify it as an "epic" failure just yet.  They're still waiting on the parking study to be done by the Mayor's "so-called expert," engineering consultant Gordon Meth. 
     Yet another example of a no-bid contract handed out for a value of $11,000.  Spend it wisely Gordon.

TFoTM asks: Is the amount enough to buy Mr. Meth's continued silence on the HAWK pedestrian activated light debacle?  Thats just ludicrous, Westfield doesn't buy anyone's silence.......... do they?  That's debatable, just ask.....................

Jo Ann Neylan
     When asked by resident Maria Carluccio,  if she thought the HAWK pedestrian light was in the safest location, Acting Mayor Jo Ann Neylan echoed Mayor Skibitsky's repeated response that the "experts" have stated the light is in the safest location.  Will Councilwoman Neylan please tell us who said it, when it was said, and where it might be found in any written report associated with the construction of the pedestrian crossing?  Mayor Skibitsky has not been able to answer the questions, what does Neylan know that Skibitsky doesn't?  

     Anyone sitting in the Mayor's chair at Town Council meetings must be pre-programmed to give the same response.   


  1. how typical is that misleading data coming from the records bureau.....arent they responsible for the gps system that has vehicles parked in the same position for weeks on end doing 45 miles per hour....and lets not forget that wonderful hand scanner that broke after two months of service....keep up the good work........what a dump.....

  2. Contrary to you bolstering your non-expert opinion on where the light should be located?

    So... Do you think you can back up your statements about several accidents not being where the document said they were? Why are you withholding the actual locations, or, hell, the police case numbers so that someone else reading this would be interested in going to look it up? This blog boasts about "providing all the facts", yet I see a glaring hole in this statement within this post.

  3. To Anonymous,

    We don't just think we can back up statements, we know we can.

    TFoTM is not withholding information; if you took the time to read the blog story you will see that the locations of the accidents were numbered and documented. We will honor your request for the case numbers.

    We hope the following information will remedy your skepticism and shade the "glaring hole" blinding your vision.

    The following case numbers are on the accident reports obtained by The Fact of The Matter through an O.P.R.A. request. The dates and times of the accidents were obtained from the data sheet that Mayor Skibitsky referenced at a December Town Council meeting. You can obtain a copy of the reports by filing an OPRA request with the Westfield Town Clerk (Claire Gray), unless of course, you have another way of obtaining them.

    Case #10-18952 Accident at Central & Clifton

    Case #03-1584 Accident at Mountain & Orchard

    Case #09-28807 Accident at driveway of 125 Cambridge Rd

    Case #11-3157 Accident in driveway of 110 Cambridge Rd.

    Call #05-004522 Motor Vehicle Accident - Unfounded

  4. Oh SNAP Anonymous! What I would like to know is, is the acting mayor looking to run for mayor? Please tell me this Pollyanna will not seek to run for mayor.

    1. an excessively or blindly optimistic person.

    2. unreasonably or illogically optimistic: some pollyanna notions about world peace.

    3. a person who is constantly or excessively optimistic

    Note : A “Pollyanna” remains excessively sweet-tempered and optimistic even in adversity.

  5. Another job well done Greg. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thank you for the case numbers and locations, TFoTM. That's all I wanted.

  7. What is the deal with a Westfield family suing the police department i was reading about in the Westfield Leader? Does this site have any inside information?

  8. Cant stop laughing......Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Just read that article in the favorite line is supervisory misbehavior.....who ever that supervisor is better have a damned good rabbi on his side.......hope they didnt piss off any court officals in Clark.......

  9. It might behove that supervisor to put his house in his wife's name.....

  10. It's the same supervisor, (Sgt. Jason R.) that got busted for lying in a police report when he stopped the Boyd kid years ago. No wonder he lost this case, he has no credibility. Going to cost the town millions.

  11. Way to go Jason.......Who is going to be going down the toilet with this time.....last time it was wonder why his shorts were in knot over a Christmas card he had a flashback to when you dragged him into that mess......keep listening to your heroes Dave, Scott,

  12. Inspector GadgetSunday, January 22, 2012

    I love it when people here name names and back it up with facts....what did these legends in their own minds think that all their misdeeds were forgotten. NOT.......