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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Updated Update: Alcohol Associated With Accident?

     Both drivers involved in the tragic accident Wednesday night on North Ave in Westfield had been patrons at the Knights of Columbus located approximately one mile west of the fatal accident scene.
     The fully stocked bar in the basement of the Knights of Columbus is staffed with bartenders.  It is alleged that a bartender working in the hours leading up to the fatal accident Wednesday night, was retired Westfield Police Officer, John Cuzzo.  (this allegation has since been found to be inconsistent with actual events leading up to the tragic accident)
     The Westfield connection does not stop there as both drivers are Westfield crossing guards.
     TFoTM has learned that both drivers involved in the fatal accident underwent extensive testing.  Earlier reports had not indicated whether or not the second driver was tested.  It is alleged that the second driver has stated he initially stopped after the fatal accident and was allegedly told he could leave.  The second driver was later contacted by police and had his vehicle impounded.    
     Investigators will have to contend with the problems concerning civil liability surrounding the serving of alcoholic beverages.  This problem will not only extend to the liquor license holder, but also to the bartender that served alcohol that night if it is determined that alcohol played a role in the untimely death of a Scotch Plains resident.


  1. Knock it off! Your egotistical desire to be known as the one with all the inside info is libel to ruin people’s reputations if not their lives. You are repeating HEARSAY!
    Leave the investigation to the professionals. Unlike you, they collect facts!

  2. There is no "egotistical desire" to be known as the one with all the inside info as you have suggested.

    Exposing information here is no different than what local newspapers or other websites do.

    The fact of the matter is TFoTM has the ability to sometimes expose it sooner and in more detail.

    People's own actions are what ruin their own reputaions. This blogsite did not cause the actions of a fatal accident last Wednesday evening.

    What, in this blog story has been repeated as hearsay?

    Professionals are paid for their work. Just because a person is not paid for collecting facts does not make the information any less credible.

    Thank you for your comments.


  3. Keep up the good work and let us know if the results are learned from the test.

  4. I'm kind of waiting for you to connect the dots from a retired police officer's current role as a bartender and the tragedy that occurred that evening. Can we ultimately expect that the Knights Of Columbus were responsible for the intersection at Central and Clover ? Will you never run out of axes to grind?

    1. TFoTM would not suggest that you hold your breath waiting. It is not uncommon for investigators to connect the dots of a case by talking to persons involved in the events leading up to this tragedy. It has been alleged that a retired Westfield Police Officer is a bartender at the Knights of Columbus. He may have information investigators are looking for.

      Don't expect the Knights of Columbus to be responsible for the intersection of Central and Clover. That intersection, according to tax records, appears to have been constructed long before the Knights of Columbus occupied the building they are in on North Ave. Unless TFoTM can attribute a meeting of Mayor Skibitsky and his expert engineering consultant Gorgon Meth taking place at the Knight to discuss safety improvements at Clover & Central, the two will remain independent of each other.

      TFoTM would suppose you would accuse newspapers, and other sources of information as having axes to grind. As long as there are readers logging on at The Fact of The Matter, we will continue to provide the information they come here to find and blog about it in the context you won't find in other sources of information.
      Judging by the number of hits this site averages per day ranging from an average of 700 per day up to nearly 3400 in the 24 hour period after the Clyne & Murphy fire, we will continue to blog.

      Thank you for your thought provoking questions.

  5. much as you regard yourself a hard driving investigative journalist, you're not. And if you think the number of hits validates your relevance-- it doesn't.
    You see, the problem is, you don't quite understand that. Most of the hits are from folks like me who are just curious as to what goofy quasi conspiracy theory you're going to cook up and what imaginary dragon you're going to slay next.
    How about something fresh? Like different faces cut and pasted and new stories. it's all the same.

    1. The Fact of The Matter is not a "hard driving investigative journalist" site. It's a blog where opinions are included in postings, along with facts, to expose information and let the reader make up their own mind. You can read various local newspapers to find hard driving investigative journalism.

      The information you find here can be obtained by the most novice first year journalism student if they have the sources to obtain the information.

      The number of "hits" validates that there is an audience. TFoTM can't pinpoint why each and every person visits this site.

      Perhaps you might consider applying for a job with the Nielsen Rating company since you have such a firm finger on the pulse of TFoTM readers and why they log on.

      A "Quasi conspiracy theory" could be something a reader might conjure up in their own mind based on some of the facts they read here but TFoTM would not suggest they use the opinions expressed here to "cook up" a conspiracy or attempt to "slay an imaginary dragon." Anonymous, have you been watching too many episodes of "Dragon Tales?"

      As always, thank you for your thought provoking post.


  6. any idea when reports are coming out...just asking

    1. The Westfield Traffic Bureau was in Elizabeth yesterday at the Union County Prosecutor's Office. The investigation into last Wednesday night's fatal accident continues. TFoTM has not obtained any further information.

    2. Thanks for keeping up with the updates....curious how this all plays out...

  7. Excellent work...keep it up. Too much government!