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Friday, January 27, 2012

UPDATE: Was Alcohol a Factor in the Fatal Accident at North Ave. & Tuttle Pkwy?

     Comments being posted on other websites regarding the tragic events that unfolded Wednesday night reveal a divided community.  Some will blame the pedestrian and others will blame motorists for the event's that ultimately cost a woman her life.
     The Westfield Patch is quoted as reporting, "The driver of the Cavalier stopped at the scene and was later taken to a local hospital for observation."  The driver allegedly was operating a vehicle that had struck a 68 year old woman that had exited her vehicle to assist a pedestrian she had struck that was crossing North Ave.
     The fact of the matter is, the driver of the Cavalier stopped at the scene was most likely taken to the hospital for testing.  This is a procedure not uncommon in motor vehicle accidents where a fatality results and the police have reason to believe alcohol or drugs may have played a role.  The Patch also reported that the ensuing investigation is of a "criminal" nature.
     With three bars located within one mile of the accident scene, including Charlie Brown's, the Knights of Columbus, and the American Legion, could alcohol have played a role?
     Captain David Wayman of the Westfield Police Department was overheard at the scene releasing information in earshot of the general public.  Is this common procedure at a crime scene?  The Westfield Patch reports that police had an idea who was operating the second vehicle that struck the elderly woman and left the scene. 
     Both drivers of the vehicles that struck the woman are/were Westfield Town employees.


  1. It is quite disingenuous and perhaps libelous to suggest alcohol is a factor based solely on the driver being taken to the hospital to be checked out.

    A group of us were involved in a fatal accident many years ago. None of us drink, at all. The driver however was given a breath test, multiple times, even though there was no odor, and taken to the hospital for blood work - for the sole purpose of filing a complete and proper police report to prove that alcohol was NOT a factor.

    FTR, a drunk turned directly in front of our 15-passenger van. Our driver was interviewed & tested for over 4 hours and had done absolutely nothing wrong. Simply called police work and investigation.

    1. "perhaps libelous" is not libelous. At best it is maybe libelous. Based on recent updated reports about the driver being taken to the hospital "for extensive testing" which was originally reported as "for observation" you would probably still say it's "perhaps libelous" when in fact it is not libelous at all.

      If you were at all familiar with the police department's standard operational procedures to be followed in the event of a traffic accident involving a fatality, "perhaps" you might not be so disingenuous as to suggest what you have stated. Thank you for the thought provoking post. I hope this answers any of your questions.

  2. It is not based only on the fact that the driver was taken to the hospital.

  3. Greg- Great job as always
    Since my friend was the one who was hit I can tell you this is the most horrible story I've heard. This morning he's been transferred and is going through hell right now - as I am sure Patricia's family is as well. Yes the tragic part is there have been many missed opportunities for increased safety that could have avoided all of this.
    2 things I want to know that I have asked town officials repeatedly through the years.
    1) How come we care more about traffic tickets and expired meters than we do about expired citizens? If we posted half our traffic cops to the crosswalks and ticketed violators for a year period it would decrease the accidents. I am guessing that the lost revenue to the town is the reason why they don't care...
    2) How come the Building code in our town does not require sprinkler systems for restaurants? With more than 60 and new ones popping up daily, the risk that other citizens deal with is enormous and unwarranted. Aren't we in violation of OSHA standards anyway along with serious lack of common sense?
    And as far as the drinking - whether it played a factor or not, there is a huge deficit in our society that at 6 o'clock at night, three different vehicles hit the pedestrians a total of four times within ten minutes..........really??? what is so important to get home to that the careless sense in which they operated a huge and powerful weapon was more than their ability to drive and pay attention to the laws that govern our safety?
    I would read your site and blog more but every time I do, I get a headache from the white font on black background.........what is that about anyway?

    1. The white font on black backround stands out. TFoTM will mix it up in the future to include other backrounds. Hope your friend is doing better.

  4. This is just another example of you getting a little more revenge against Wayman & looking for more attention. And what possible reason would you have to imply the driver was drunk? It’s because you will be able to say “I TOLD YOU SO!” if it becomes true! You are pathetic! Do you believe people think you have the supernatural gift to tell the future?!

    Also, how could you EVER have thought you would be elected a Councilman?! You’ve made enemies of just about every person of authority in town with all your negativity. Who would want to work with you when you would dismiss most every idea they have? An effective leader in a democracy must compromise, not dictate.

    Don’t say I don’t have to suffer your blather because I’m not forced to read this blog. I AM forced to suffer through your venom at Council meetings.
    Please go away, Kasko, you are just an annoying distraction.

  5. Andy,

    This site is an example of providing information and provoking questions about the events that unfolded Wednesday evening. Captain Wayman was allegedly the commanding officer at this scene as well as another fatal accident that took place at Tice Pl. and Clifton St. late last year. Was the driver involved in that fatality tested? Perhaps Captain Wayman learned from that accident what should be done during Wednesday night's fatality. Any seasoned investigator will look at "all avenues" as Captain Wayman has been quoted in the Westfield Patch as stating. Were all "avenues" explored during the Tice/Clifton accident?

    TFoTM does not believe anyone has a supernatural gift to tell the future. What this site has is an ability to obtain information not readily obtained by the public.

    Running as an Indepebdent candidate without the backing of a political party is a tough task in any election for any candidate. Running for office allows a candidate to expose and address issues.

    TFoTM understands that town officials might consider this site detrimental to the governing body and thus label the exposure of issues they don't want the public to know about, as negative.

    What ideas are you referring to that would be dismissed?

    Perhaps Mayor Skibitsky should take your advice about effective leadership in a Democracy.

    This site will not "go away" as long as there are issues to be exposed and our readership continues to grow.

    You are right, you are not forced to read this blog, but you do and thank you for the support even though we may disagree on some things.

    Thank you Andy for you thoughts. TFoTM hopes we were able to answer your questions. Don't hesitate to ask again.


  6. When all is said and done, I think it will be proven that alcohol played a role in this accident. It is yet to be seen whether the driver was over the limit. For his sake, I hope he wasn't.

  7. why do you think its taking so long for the results of the toxicology reports??? seems 2 weeks would be sufficient no???

    1. Assuming you are asking about tests results on the two seperate drivers of the vehicles that struck the woman, test results will be a guarded secret until they are officially released. Due to the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident two weeks ago, police officials will ultimately have to release their findings if either motorist is charged. In some cases, 2 weeks might be sufficient however, due to the complexity of the investigation, it could take longer. The prosecutor's office does not always get involved in the investigation of a fatal accident in a municipality. This accident is being investigated jointly by Westfield's traffic safety bureau and the prosecutor's office due to the person(s) involved.