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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Westfield Mayor's "Lovefest" With Police Captain Takes Root and Blossoms

Captain Dave Wayman
     At last night's Town Council meeting Mayor Skibitsky praised Westfield Police Captain David Wayman for his handling of the Whitney Houston Funeral.  The Mayor acknowledged the officer at a time when current Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau is once again contemplating retirement. 
     Sources have confirmed that Parizeau has considered looking for future employment at the Connell Company where past retired Westfield police officers have been hired to provide shuttle services for company executives.

Chiek John M. Parizeau
     However, before Chief Parizeau can submit his retirement application to the state, he must be cleared of all pending investigations into his alleged misconduct that has included investigations by the Union County Prosecutors Office with oversight by the N.J. Attorney General's Office. 
     Parizeau would be the second Westfield Police Chief, in the last 6 years, to be retiring under a cloud of internal corruption and rampant morale issues.  Former Westfield Police Chief Bernard Tracy left office after accusations of illegal computer checks on Westfield residents by police, innapropriate conduct with a subordinate, and harrassing and retailatory actions against employees surfaced.
Jim Gildea
     Town Administrator Jim Gildea assumes some of the blame for the current state of affairs within the Westfield Police Department as he has been at the helm, steering the Town's day to day business operations and affairs.  TFoTM understands that Gildea "inherited" Chief Tracy's tarnished tenure and can't be held completely responsible for the mayhem that occurred under Tracy.  However, continuing the "Tracy Regime" by promoting a person (Parizeau) who initially did not want the job as Chief of Police, beckons questioning of Gildea's managerial decisions.  TFoTM hopes the Town's administration does not make the same mistake for a third time in a row after being forewarned of the obvious.
     When the Chief of Police selection process is over, and questions arise concerning the candidates scores and rankings, be sure to look behing Gildea's back when he is asked to be truthful about the process.    
     The "pimping" of Captain Wayman at last night's Town Council meeting has many believing the Mayor and Town Administrator are beginning to orchestrate Wayman's ascension to the corner office when Parizeau leaves town.  At 45/46 years old, Wayman, a Tracy protege', could wreak havoc on the department for the next 19 to 20 years as the mandatory retirement age for police officers is 65.
     TFoTM and those close to the inner politics of town government, more specifically the police department, believe that the process to make Wayman Chief began when Wayman was promoted to Captain during a testing process that has been alleged to of been manipulated by Mayor Skibitsky, Town Administrator Jim Gildea, and former Chief Bernard Tracy.
     The ability to organize security for Whitney Houston's funeral procession with the help of Union County Police, Newark Police, and Fairview Cemetary, does not qualify anyone to be Chief of Police.  The following is a list of items compiled by Town Administrator Jim Gildea in September of 2005 that he included in a Police Chief Selection Survey handed out to police department employees when they were asked to rank the importance of each during the last Chief of Police selection process.  
*Strategic planning skills
*Experience with community policing
*Educational qualifications (college degree)
*Length of law enforcement experience
*Collective bargaining skills
*Community involvement
*Honesty and integrity
*Involvement in daily department activities
*Accessibility to the public
*Written and verbal communication skills
*Innovative and prevention programs
*Fiscal affairs and budgetary skills
*Relations with other law enforcement agencies
*Experience in a multicultural community
*Computer technology skills, Affirmative action record
*Ability to effect organizational change

     Many, within the police department, considered the 2005 survey by Gildea as a "smokescreen" for a decision already made by Gildea and Mayor Skibitsky on who the next Chief and Captain would be long before the testing process was over.  The "alleged" fair and impartial testing process yielded two individuals that left many in the police department questioning the validity of the results.  With other candidates available to be chosen from, candidates that had served in every rank and capacity of the department and with more time served, officers questioned how Parizeau, who had been removed from road patrol early in his career and placed in the records bureau where he remained until he was promoted to police chief, could have been selected.  Wayman's promotion from Lieutenant to Captain came as a bigger surprise based on the alleged tampering and manipulation of test results and his prior track record as a supervisor.
     Nonetheless, the Town's administration will be at it again when they "huddle up" to decide who will lead the police department into the future.  Will Skibitsky call a "time-out" if anyone other than Wayman is considered for the job? Will the process be manipulated and will the corruption continue? 

One question remaining:  Will the new Dodge Durango purchased with tax-payer funded money, that Town Administrator Jim Gildea is quoted in a local newspaper as saying is being purchased for the police department detective bureau, be given to Parizeau at an extremely discounted price, as a parting gift upon retirement? 
Don't laugh, it wouldn't be the first time it's happened.      


  1. Wayman has a lot of experience in a multicultural community. Just ask all the minorities he has targeted throughout his career from the African-American off-duty state trooper he was accused of racially profiling to the Hispanic man he roughed up in front of the old Jolley Trolley which included rifling the man's pockets for money. That was witnessed by members of the fire department and other police officers at the scene. He does not have the educational requirements (college degree) that other department require. His relationship with other law enforcement agencies is a joke, well at least thats what other agencies think about him, and his strategic planning skills include forcing officers to work overtime, bilking taxpayers, so that his cohorts on his Emergency Response Unit can get off work to attend a Unit planned year end party. If that isn't enough, some ESU days consist of going to the firing range for training and when the range is not accessible, the unit still puts in for overtime for the day and heads home while residents foot the bill for the officers hired to cover the shifts of the ESU officers.

    1. Wow, having been born and raised in Westfield I am shocked at what residents put up with. I see all the city folk that came into Westfield had their rose colored glasses on with their ideals of "suburbia" but also think their still in the city wearing their deep pocketed pants.....Is this Westfield or have we turned into "little Bergen County, Jersey City, Hoboken etc". Feel sorry for alot of you who aren't that way.....change is good but not at the expensive of others....

  2. Well since you published the requirements for chief according to the town administrator lets go one by one and see where Dave measures up.....
    *Strategic planning skills- NONE passed that onto LT. Battoloro
    *Experience with community policing NONE- always cried when assigned to a town post because it wasnt police work....
    *Educational qualifications (college degree)NONE-
    *Length of law enforcement experience- put years in but learned nothing
    *Collective bargaining skills NONE left the PBA Executive Board when it would put him in conflict with Barney
    *Community involvement- used nicknames for the residence of Westfield "Wally's" plus lets not forget he lived in Garwood till it wasnt in his best interests to live outside of "WallyWorld" his words..
    *Honesty and integrity- NONE at all.....he is only out for his best interests
    *Involvement in daily department activities He micromanages the department to the point where morale and job satisfaction is at an all time low......proven by the fact that it is impossible to find people to work overtime unless ordered
    *Accessibility to the public- has no interest in the General Public.....looks down on them....
    *Written and verbal communication skills- Depends what you consider skills....staring at the ceiling and hoping the answer will fall out of the sky.....
    *Innovative and prevention programs NONE- only program that means anything is the ESU...never involved in PBA PAL or other program that was developed by others...
    *Fiscal affairs and budgetary skills NONE I wonder who balances his checkbook
    *Relations with other law enforcement agencies NONE to POOR...Just ask around
    *Experience in a multicultural community NONE take a walk down Cacciola PL and ask them if they know Wayman youll be surprised...
    *Computer technology skills, Affirmative action record----would be surprised if he can turn on the computer, probably doesnt know the meaning of affirmative action...
    *Ability to effect organizational change---kneel before Zod....

  3. After you are done patting Wayman on the back, why hasnt this been addressed???????

    1. Mad Dog, some of those numbers listed on Wayman's phone bill where he made those calls from Toronto were I think to his girlfriend. In order to become chief in Westfield do you have to cheat on your wife? Parizeau made chief

  4. Parizeau landed in the records bureau after complaints of him getting teenage girls into the Trolley bar forced his chief to take him out of the public eye and hide him behind a desk. The reason why our department is in such disarray is because Parizeau was promoted through the ranks as a desk jockey and has little respect from his subordinates that spent their careers in patrol or the detective bureau. Once, when a detained suspect slipped out of handcuffs in headquarters and fled psst Parizeau and out the back door, what did he do. He watched the person run free because his training was how to program computers and had nothing to do with law enforcement.

  5. When the town search committee begins evaluating Wayman for possible promotionn to chief which would be a huge mistake they should ask him the following questions 1. were you a resident od Clark? 2. Did you ever apply to be a Clark police officer? 3. At what point during the application process did you withdraw from consideration to become a Clark police officer? 4. Did you withdraw from consideration to be a Clark police officer because you were asked to submit to a urine test? and finally, put him on a polygraph and ask him the following 5. Have you ever used anabolic steroids?

  6. Call it a hunch....but if Wayman is passed over for the corner office I have this gut feeling he will find some lawyer who will take his case and sue the town for failing to promote him......perhaps he has already put that bug in the administrations ear so they are fearful not to promote him....afterall didnt he cheat his way up the ladder....I am sure he either had answers or looked at someone elses test.....

    1. In that case Captain Auchter would have a field day with the town if he is passed over for a third time.

  7. Don't be surprised if they promote the goon. Skibitsky will be long gone and won't have to deal with the crap Wayman will cause.

  8. It was bound to happen sooner or later. John Tango got promoted to sgt. When he is done working undercover in Plainfield he will return with stripes. I guess driving Wayman around after softball games to and from bars paid off. Well, at least he will no longer be our PBA delegate. He sucked. Bring back O'Keefe, he;s got skills and more importantly he doesn't suck up to Wayman.

  9. When did this turn into the disgruntled cop bitch blog?

    You guys need to keep your drunken rants at the bar!

    1. A Sigh of ReliefThursday, March 01, 2012

      I agree Councilperson that drunken bar rants belong in a bar. They also don't belong behind the wheel of a car or they might end up smashing their car into a few parked cars and a building like chief tracy did years ago. They better hope it happens in Rahway and have another department willing to cover it up. Dear God, don't put any passengers at risk, especially young children that could end up in the hospital because of the driver's arrogance and stupidity.

    2. No bar bitching......just speaking the truth. Guess you cant handle the truth or you are a Wayman butt boy....