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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Resident Questions Police Motive and Tactics

     In the May 31st edition of Westfield's local newspaper, a "Letter to the Editor" submitted by resident Christopher FitzPatrick, criticizes the process that took place to arrest a citizen with an outstanding warrant after police had determined that a warrant justifying the arrest existed.  Fitzpatrick asks, "Is targeting ordinary citizens in this fashion, apparently for the purpose of raising revenue, what Westfield residents want our police force to be doing? 
     FitzPatrick appears to question the random computer checks on license plates as a violation of ones quality of life experience only when the computer check reveals a warrant for the arrest of the registered owner of the motor vehicle bearing the license plate checked by police.
     The fact of the matter is that the Westfield police do not check license plates or arrest citizens for the "purpose of raising revenue."  They do it because it is their job and the in-car computer terminal is just another tool that has enabled officers to do their jobs more effectively. 
     FitzPatrick criticizes the Westfield Leader for not questioning police behavior in it's "news"paper.  The questioning of anyone's behaviour is typically left to those submitting a Letter to the Editor and other times, in editorial pieces written by the newspaper.  Both have appeared in the Westfield Leader in the past and TFoTM does not doubt they will appear in the future.  The veracity of the editorials may sometimes be tempered, but nonetheless they do appear.
     Outstanding warrants must be acted upon to ensure that a violation is accounted for by way of a court appearance and a fine.  To suggest that a person "frequently" does not know that there is a warrant out there for one's arrest suggests that the court system fails to notify a citizen of the warrant.  Unless an address change or post office mix-up causes a warrant notice to go undelivered to it's intended recipient, or a person borrowing the motor vehicle of another fails to notify the vehicle owner in the event the vehicle receives a parking ticket, warrants typically make it into the hands of the suspect citizen.  The Westfield police blotter is open to the public and newspaper reporters can pick and choose from the blotter to print what they wish.
     One of TFoTM's original stories posted in December 2010 details the arrest of a citizen that questions the motives of then police Chief Bernard Tracy, and the town council, at a time when citizens were voicing their opinions for and against the town's proposal to build parking decks.  
     The arrest of James Abate (the outspoken citizen arrested at a town council meeting in 2004), albeit for a valid warrant(s), should be the primary focus of those, including Mr. FitzPatrick, questioning police behavior and the tactics they use.  An officer doing a random computer check on their in-car computer, or "fishing" as most police officers call it, is a common practice that should not alarm anyone, except those with warrants for their arrest.  TFoTM does not believe, for one second, that the arrest of James Abate was done as a result of a "random" computer check.
Go to the following link to read "The Arrest of an Outspoken Citizen."

Go to the following link to read Christopher Fitzpatrick's "Letter to the Editor" appearing in the Westfield Leader newspaper:


  1. I noticed all the cops previously posting comments and one from his girfriend's computer not his or his wife's have gone dark.

    What's Up With That ?

  2. James Abate was arrested after Tracy told Perrota to go get him and Perrota/Augustas reward was an assignment to Traffic with monetary compensation and a gold badge. No secret there. Look what criminal deeds being performed for Tracy did for Wayman.

  3. It is likely the result of this Prosecutor Romankow AKA "The Big Man" AKA "The Big Ukraine". Although he had no qualifications to be a Prosecutor the "Crew" got their "Big Ukraine" in where they wanted him. This Romankow character has a history of adolescent retaliation. This is clearly evident in the current matter before the Federal Court McGuire v. Romankow whereby a senior investigator has charged Romankow with a slew of Federal Violations. Romankow has also been charged under RICO - Racketeering.

    Romnakow AKA "The Big Man" at this juncture is left with his consigliere's Albert "Little Al" Cernades and Robert "Bucky" Buccino.

    Many in the County, within the Prosecutor's Office staff - the Judiciary and several Municipalities - specifically Summit have distanced themselves from what is sure to be a "what did you know and when did you know it" scenario regarding this Romankow and his Crew and known associates.

    The era of Cryan-Cassidy-Scanlon-Donohue-Moynihan-Malone and the "Big Ukraine" Romankow Crew is over.

    The audio records of this "Crew" are fascinating. One audio of a Westfield Police Officer describing the "Big Man" Romankow. It is very disturbing.

    They have cost Municipalities and the County an enormous sum in legal fees and damages.

    There is not one qualified legal professional that will even allow themselves to be considered for a Judgeship in the Superior Court - Union Vicinage until this "Irish Mess" get's cleaned up.

    Many members of the Bar predict this ends up like a Nick Bissell or Nilfong situation where your peers can sense a Sea of Change and eventually have had enough.

    1. Anonymous,

      Please provide copies of the "audio records" you refer to and TFoTM will have them posted here.

      Also, if you can, please provide more information on "Federal Court McGuire v. Romankow whereby a senior investigator has charged Romankow with a slew of Federal Violations. Romankow has also been charged under RICO - Racketeering."

  4. Docket Link McGuire v. Romankow

    My understanding is the Audio Records are in the custody of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency.

    1. Thank you for providing the Internet link.

  5. Romankow's RICO and Racketeering charges - claim was reported by

    Romankow utilizes the "Intelligence Unit" to conduct surveillance and gather information on parties like The Fact Of The Matter - or anyone that makes any comments about "The Big Man". He uses taxpayers funds to conduct this surveillance. One Statement describes the operation as "Teddy's Personal Gestapo Unit". Having a full staff - full time just to search and gather information, news and postings on "The Big Man" and to obtain I.P. Addresses and Identities of private citizens who are in his sole opinion as "Chief Law Enforcement Officer" his "detractors", is a serious matter. The State AG should be investigating and prosecuting these acts of these actors under the State Civil Rights Statute.

    From The Website:

    Intelligence Unit

    The mission of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office Intelligence Unit is to gather information from all sources in a manner consistent with the law in support of efforts to provide tactical or strategic information on the existence, identities and capabilities of criminal suspects and enterprises generally and, in particular, to further crime prevention and enforcement objectives and priorities identified by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

    What is unknown is - what is "The Big Man's" "Objectives" and "Priorities". It is known and is in fact a matter of record the "Big Man" will retaliate when cornered. This was clearly evident in the Neil Cohen matter that I understand will be reopened due to new evidence.

    I imagine these unknowns will be determined during the Romankow Hearings.

    The McGuire Case as well as the other Cases will be most interesting.

  6. One "Unit" of this "Intelligence Unit" drives around Union County in a EMS - Ambulance Vehicle. They hit a dog on Raritan Road in Clark some time ago and failed to stop or offer assistance.

    One Law Enforcement Professional describes the "Truck as a Menace to Public Safety" as he does not like it patrolling in his jurisdiction.

  7. This Romankow has done "Look Ups" on countless individuals and entities. It will be very interesting to see this Prosecutor justify utilizing Government Databases for his personal agenda's and retaliations. One of his Crew - he has his own Crew is a former Springfield NJ Police Officer currently working Security at a local Country Club, who fabricates his "Iraq Deployment" and connections with "Eric at Blackwater". Apparently this Club Security fellow is also concerned about his association with this Prosecutor and his Look Ups that had no basis or any legitimate Law Enforcement purpose. I imagine many a night has been spent or say consumed at Martini's in Millburn in pondering this dilemma.

    It will be very interesting as one of Romankow's Look Ups involved surveillance on one individual where the individual's emails and mobile phone conversations with heads of State and Diplomats were monitored. The individuals monitored knew he was doing it and let him continue with his folly.

    Many of this Prosecutor's cases being transferred to other Counties or the State. Romankow in one instance continued his "Investigation and Surveillance" despite a Court Order tranferring the matter to another county due to his many conflicts.

    It is likely a Special Prosecutor will be appointed by DOJ as with the Scooter . Libby matter prosecuted by DAG Patrick Fitzgerald as Romankow's son Jonathan Romankow although, a low level staffer at U.S. Attorney-Newark the young Romankow poses a significant conflict and problem for the government.

    Scooter was indeed the scapegoat in the Plame matter. Let's see who surfaces in this one.

  8. This is fascinating.

    Not a good idea even if you are the Prosecutor to violate a Judge's Order and certainly not the Chief Judge in your own back yard.

    Not a good idea to monitor communications with Heads of State and Diplomats.

    Looks like trouble in River City.