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Monday, June 18, 2012

Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea's Pot of Gold......the Town Council

     Two weeks ago, at a meeting of the Westfield Town Council, council members approved an ordinance that increased the salary of Town Administrator Jim Gildea.
Westfield  has listed the salary range in the new ordinance as $105,997 - $160,830.

     When local Police, Fire, DPW, and CWA employees are receiving less than 2% raises, should Gildea be compensated above the 2% cap that Governor Christie has levied on property tax increases?
     Go to the following link to review Gildea's salary compensation for 2011.  (Note: Gildea also receives the use of a taxpayer funded vehicle, fuel, auto insurance, and maintenance.)

Based on Gildea's 2011 salary of $143,920........a 2% raise would amount to a $2878.40 increase. 

     Why was there a need to increase the town administrator's salary range to $160,830?   Is this an example of Mayor Skibitsky's "Doing more with less" claim?


  1. how many firefighters could be hired for the price of one overpaid town administrator?

    1. what a piece of shi* gildea is!

  2. as I say........not as I do......well now we know where all the money the town saved by raping the rank and file went.....somebody call Chris Christie and clue him in....maybe the AG can crush Jimbo.....

  3. My property taxes just went up 9%. How is this possible?