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Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Do You Log On At The Fact of The Matter?

     Closing in on 250,000 page views, with 335 stories published and over 1800 comments posted by readers, The Fact of The Matter continues to bring to it's readers an alternative source of news not found in other local media sources.  
     While being subjected to investigations conducted by the Westfield Police Department and the Union  County Prosecutor's Office, the public should know that The Fact of The Matter legally and successfully fought these investigations and subpoenas.  
     The Fact of The Matter did so to protect itself as a source of information and as a place to which people can come with facts that they are otherwise afraid to make public.  
     The Fact of The Matter has protected the identity of all sources of information and has been successful enforcing subpoenas to be withdrawn and recognition to be given to this blog as a form of journalism.
     The Fact of The Matter would like to thank all those that have made this site one of their destinations on the world wide web and look forward to bringing news to it's readers in a format not found elsewhere.
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  1. The Fact Of The Matter provides Factual information. The following is the current situation regarding the Union County Prosecutor.

    1. The betting pool at Baltusrol has Romankow 7-1 odds he is "Nilfonged" by his peers before he has to face the numerous charges against him.

    2. The betting pool at Plainfield Country Club is 8-1.

    3. Results from Echo Lake are not in as yet as the bookie and esteemed Barrister is away on holiday.

    4. The "Reign of The Big Ukraine" is over (9th Hole PCC 06/21/12).

    5. The case to watch is The Big man's fabricated "Terrorist Threat" charge where all of his supporters and accessories on "Teddy's Latest Scheme" are walking away from him and at this point looking to save their own ass as well as their pensions.

    6. Romankow has Jamieson Antonio and Albert "Little Al" Cernandas as his only consigliere's. Bets are they bolt.

    Very sad indeed.

    1. Word on the Street is Romankow is going to blame it all on Antonio and throw Jamie Under The Bus.

  2. One of the esteemed Barrister's at Baltusrol was involved with the situation of the Duke Lacrosse players from Delbarton charged by Prosecutor Nilfong.

    This esteemed Attorney gets credit for the quote "Mr. Romankow will be Nilfonged".

    There is also the possibility Romankow "Goes Bissell On Us" as in former Somerset County Prosecutor Nicholas Bissell.

  3. I log on to see what new train wrecks are going on with Davey and company....

  4. I log on to see what is going on with Romankow & Co.

  5. I log on to see all the previous anyonomous posers - posters that have gone dark for fear of "The Big Man - The Big Ukraine" and his Consigliere "Little Al".

    They say Little Al is up in arms over the reveiwing of tuition records at Seton Hall. Did the tuition come from Genovese Blood Money ?

    At this point they are likely doing sweeps once a week checking their own shoes for micrichips.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. The case to watch is McGuire v. Romankow et al.

    Judge Hochberg denied Defendant Romankow's Motion for Summary Judgment.

    Romankow faces serious charges here and in pending matters.

    Violation of State and Federal Civil Rights Statutes are serious and have serious consequences.

    Many legal professionals are watching these cases against Romankow very carefully.

  7. The McGuire case as well as the other pending matters of Romankow are very interesting.

    The Case To Watch is the Fabricated Complaint of Theodore Romankow - Jamieson Antonio and Victoria Vreeland where they accused an individual of "Terroristic Threats". I have heard the Audio regarding this situation is fascinating.

    Sources say Romankow & Co. monitored communications between Diplomats/Soverigns and a Special Envoy. Unauthorized monitoring is serious business. lets say you are a Security Hack at say Baltusrol Country Club and you were a former Law Enforcement Officer - and you and a friend in Law Enforcement used Government Databes to do a Look Up on an individual without authorization. You are going to be in some very hot water. You can end up like Scooter Libby but without the chance of a Presidential Pardon you are going to do the 5-8 years.

    These soverign entities have far reaching information gathering capabilites. I would not want to be on the other end of this level of sophisticated surveillance. This makes sense regarding the Microchip in the Shoe comment above. I imagine they are wondering "what have I said" "what have I done" "who knows" "will the information be disemminated".

  8. I enjoy the bad grammar and punctuation.

    1. I agree with the above. Grammar and Punctuation as well as Syntax are important.

      Romankow and Jamieson are hoping for Immunity. That is a long hope or stretch given the evidence against these two.

      I have also heard about the Audio. Can't wait to hear them at the trial.

  9. The Honorable John F. Malone has been Terminated as a Member of the Judiciary of the Superior Court of New Jersey - Union Vicinage.

  10. In "McGuire v. Romankow" there is no Prosecutor Immunity for Romankow. The salient reasons as determined by the Federal Court in Denying Romankow's Motion for Summary Judgment:

    A. Violations of Federal and State Civil Rights Statutes.

    B. Conduct (Romankow) outside his normal permitted duties.

    In the "Terrorist" trial there is no immunity for Romankow, Antonio or Vreeland.

    The issues are the same i.e. violations of Sate and Federal Statute and the more serious issues of lack of probable cause, malice and failure to disclose the Prosecutor's "Intimate" relationship with his Confidential Informant. The Judge in Union County immediately transferred the Terrorist matter to Middlesex County.

    We will have to wait and see about this intimate relationship Romankow has with his Confidential Informant during Romankow's oral examination under oath. Sources say his Confidential Informant is an Addict/Alcoholic with a significant criminal history and numerous restraining orders against him. When this Confidential Informant Alcoholic Addict of Romankow willfully violates the restraining orders and when his victims attempt to have the restraining orders enforced for violations this Prosecutor ignores them and many Police Departments are astounded if not incensed.

    One source, a retired law enforcement officer stated the Confidential Informant was arrested for breaking his Mother's leg and was let off and charges dropped by this Prosecutor Romankow. The arresting officers as well as their superiors were furious and with good reason.

    This is what happens when someone like Romankow is appointed Prosecutor with no prior law Enforcement experience other than at the municipal level and has intimate relationships with his Confidential Informants.

    There is no doubt the State is moving to disband these county prosecutors and with good reason. Several prominent elected officials and legal professionals have advised the Governor to immediately terminate this Prosecutor prior to the expiration of his term.

    This Romankow issue is fascinating.

  11. The most interesting element of the Terrorist Trial is the attempted Witness Tampering. The Victim (The Purported Terrorist)was contacted by a guy named Michael "Big Mike" DeNuzzio who is the cousin of Albert "Little Al" Cernadas Jr. the First Asst. Prosecutor under Theodore "The Big Man" Romankow. Little Al is the son of Albert "Big Al" - "The Bull" Cernadas Sr. a Genovese Crime Family Associate. Big Mike and one of his Associates/Accessories by the name of "The Punk" contacted the Victim in an attempt to intimidate the witness. The Victim was wired and when The Punk found out he was on the audio went to the NYPD and confessed. This associate of Big Mike and his cousin Big Al then freaked out and made startling admissions to kidnapping, extortion and attempted murder unrelated to the witness intimadation. The Detectives at NYPD were astonished.

  12. The Fact Of The Matter should obtain the legal filings on McGuire v. Romankow Docket NJ Superior No. UNN-L1070-11 and U.S. District Court No, 2-2011CV01989.

    On the Terrorist matter in NJ Superior the Docket No. 12-03-00446.

    In the Terrorist matter specific filings by Certification outline the issues of this Prosecutor, his Confidential Informant and the Prosecutor's Intimate Relationship with his Confidential Informant.

    It is quite a read.

  13. Oral Examination under oath of Romankow, Antonio and Vreeland at the Probable Cause Hearing will address many of the issues and the issues of the Intimate Relationship of the Confidential Informant.

  14. This will be interesting examining the intimate relationship between Romankow and his Confidential Informant a Male Alcoholic/Addict.

    Relationships and intimate relationships between these two may be sticky.

  15. I have just finished reading the web site pages for the FBI National Academy for police officers ( and want to know how the hell did Dave get accepted....guess they academy did not request a physical ..... and as far as being professional and good personal character....give me a break......