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Monday, July 02, 2012

They Paved Paradise............

     A song titled "They Paved Paradise" that was most recently performed by recording artists Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton includes the lyrics "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." Go to the following YouTube link to view music video.

     Construction on a new parking lot at Westfield High School began this morning as a tree contractor began removing trees where the proposed parking lot will be located.            
     The Westfield Board of Education, in a joint effort with the Westfield Town Council, approved the construction of this parking lot, adjacent to Rahway Ave., along with the expansion of the parking lot at Edison Intermediate School, and the re-striping of the "Armory" lot after residents had complained about student parking in neighborhoods surrounding the high school.
     Will these additional parking spaces alleviate the parking issue on residential streets surrounding WHS?  

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  1. Did the teachers town cousel and board of ed give up raises for the new parking areas or did they just raise the taxes on the general public

    1. The Fact of The MatterMonday, July 02, 2012

      Of the three groups you are asking about, only the teachers receive a salary. As of the last contract settled by the teachers union and the Board of Education, the teachers did not give up raises.

  2. Why is there no Parking allowed during school hours on Stonliegh Park circle? It has nothing to do with fire trucks being able to get through because parking is allowed during non school hours.

  3. While you are correct on the lyrics, the song is entitled "Big Yellow Taxi" and was originally written and performed by Joni Mitchel. It was later covered by Counting Crows and Amy Grant.