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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 1, 2012 Good Riddance

     Today, August 1, 2012, Westfield says goodbye to police chief John M. Parizeau.  After a "stellar" career (cough cough) serving the residents of Westfield, Parizeau will officially retire today as the only police chief in Westfield's history to have had a majority of his subordinates vote "No Confidence" in his leadership.
     A career that started in the early 80's, saw Parizeau climb the ranks within the department without ever supervising a patrolman as he served in the department's records bureau.  It  would not have been possible without the inappropriate relationship he carried on with a high school teenager during his short stint as a patrol officer protecting and serving his own perverted interests.
     As police chief, an adulterous relationship exposed by one of his own police officers on a dark night within the confines of his town owned unmarked police car would serve as the pinnacle of his philandering ways.
     From his protection of a supervisor/friend that was caught stealing time from the taxpayer, to his neglect to follow his own department's rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, Parizeau's own actions would inevitably expose his lack of leadership and tainted integrity.
     Although his own subordinates may have lost confidence in their supreme leader, town attorneys surely must have applauded his work.  After all, they got paid handsomely to defend his inept leadership along the way.
     So here's to you J.M.P., may you look ahead without ever looking back and know that you set the standard of what a corrupt police chief should be.......well, that is if you don't count the tenure of your predecessor.


  1. VERY WELL SAID.......

  2. Think Jill will pop out of his retirement cake?

  3. With the offical retirement of JMP WPD is only sliding farther down the path of the DW is at the helm the slide angle of decent has increased dramatically.....what a shame that the town has allowed the legacy of BT to continue on....its not like they didnt have their red flags with BT ie: beating up prisoners, slapping homeowners and fleeing the scene, the NYE auto accident that gave a golden ticket to the brothers grim....I guess with that type of history, losing a pistol at a go go bar, abusing minorities, questionable use of steriods, and civil rights violations arent such a bad thing....its a shame since there were more qualified and dignified candidates to fill the corner office with pride and honor........

  4. Perverted JusticeMonday, August 06, 2012

    Parizeau referred to his underaged escorts as "cublets". I just wonder how the cublets papa bear would have reacted to him sneaking the little girls into the Jolley Trolley knowing his influence as a cop would prevent anyone from asking questions.

  5. CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Perverted Justice and others, how do you condemn a man with no proof; no one coming forward to substantiate these allegations! I've been following this blog for months and read this about this nonsense countless times before....WHERE'S THE PROOF!!

    1. Please identify what allegations in the story are inconsitent with the truth. TFoTM obtains information from a variety of sources including witnesses, victims, and eyewitness experience.

  6. Perverted JusticeTuesday, August 07, 2012

    I don't see Parizeau stepping forward and denying the allegations either.

  7. First Hand WitnessWednesday, August 08, 2012

    Paizeau knows he cant defend himself...there are many who know the truth....who where there when parents showed up at HQ looking for their kids.....all covered up.....Dare ya John try to deny it......