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Friday, August 03, 2012

PENSION ABUSE UPDATE: Taxpayers Ripped Off? Councilman Della Fera Defends By Dissembling With Selective Facts

Councilman Sam Della Fera
     Rather than tell the voter that the town is innocent of any transgressions, Westfield councilman Sam Della Fera avoids trying to justify the actions of the town by attacking councilman David Haas.
     The comptroller of the State of NJ specifically set forth the statute, NJSA 43:15A-7.2, which bars "professionals providing services pursuant to a professional services contract (PSC) awarded under New Jerseys public contract laws."
      New Jersey Comptroller Boxer also points out that if someone is a professional claiming employment who is NOT receiving a yearly contract, you then refer to the IRS definition of independent contractor.
     Councilman Della Fera admits that there were five part-time employees in July of 2007 who were providing professional services to the town of Westfield.  Only one remained on the list when the report was issued and he has since withdrawn.  Councilman Della Fera is absolutely silent about the fact that all five of these people were appointed on a yearly basis through a PSC (professional services contract) and were automatically barred by the statute from continuing in the pesion system.  Councilman Della Fera does not try to defend their continuation in the system as alleged employees of the town.
      When the belated analysis was sent by Westfield to the comptroller after the report was issued, it was created by the very people who had an interest in covering up the towns disobedience of the statute.
Councilman David Haas
     None of the alleged confusion that might have been created by the IRS rules was necessary.  All five alleged candidates for pensions were absolutely barred from continuing in the system by the first injunction of the statute.and without reference to IRS criteria.
     It will be interesting as to whether or not Councilman Della Fera will seek to have the other four people removed from the system after an independent audit of their alleged status is conducted.
     The Fact of The Matter does not want anyone to forget that Councilman Della Fera at no time declares Westfield innocent, he merely dissembles by attacking his fellow councilman (David Haas) and putting forward the age old excuse "everybody was doing it." 

Go to the following web link to view Councilman David Haas' admission that "We wasted the taxpayers' money."

Go to the following web link to view Councilman Della Fera's alleged rebuttal to Councilman Haas' adnmission that the town wasted taxpayer money.

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  1. Della Fera is your typical politician....talking outthe of his ass....Hey Greg as a retired police officer how many times did you hear the judge tell a defendant the ignorance of the law is not a defense.....