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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mayor Skibitsky Touts Taxpayers are Getting 'More with Less"

     In keeping with Mayor Skibitsky's theme of the taxpayers getting "More with Less" during the current fiscal crisis and reduction in staffing levels within the town's municipal departments, The Fact of The Matter shares with it's readers the following photos of the diligent and supreme workmanship of town workers assigned to a "beautification" project of sorts.    
     Westfield's Department of Public Works recently repainted white lines in the two parking lots located at Gumpert Park off of Fourth Ave. and S. Chestnut St. 
     Take notice of the fine job that was done to clear the lot of debris before paint was applied to the parking lots.  Also check out the symmetrical lines of the parking stalls where some lines are longer than others.  Paint was applied over weeds growing from the cracked pavement.  Did anyone think to maybe use a weed-wacker....priceless.
     Surely a leaf blower, broom, or other landscaping device could have been used to clear the lot of grass clippings, leafy debris, and other garbage prior to painting.
     Keep up the good work guys and know that you are setting the standard for which Mayor Skibitsky relies on town workers to hold up his claim that we are getting "More with Less."


  1. Oh dear God please don't let these guys trim and maintain the "W" at the monument.

  2. Hey can they come over and paint my house..????...??? Although you cant blame them for cutting corners....the town just keeps cutting and cutting the rank and file but pissing away money on ridiculus projects....ESU....10 week Vacation for Dave.....the list goes on

  3. Why spend thousands to build a new parking lot at the high school and Edison middle school? Why not just have these clowns paint the grass black to make it look like pavement and then throw a couple white lines down for parking spaces. Who is the genius that was supervising the workers responsible for the paint job at Gumpert Park?

  4. This is our unionized labor workforce at its best.

  5. Vote Republican in November or else this is how the rest of the country will end up.....a pack of dolts running us into the ground for four more years.....