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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jim "Pinocchio" Gildea: Truth Be Told

Jim Gildea
     On August 7, 2012, Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea approached the microphone at a Westfield Town Council meeting "Just to clarify some information" after resident John Blake had addressed members of the council on  Westfield's involvement in pension abuse recently being investigated by the Office Of The State Comptroller.  Gildea references a letter sent to him from the N.J. State Comptroller and states that the letter was not asking for information on Westfield Town Attorney Bob Cockren.  The letter was sent in the wake of an ongoing investigation by the comptroller's office into pension abuse aimed at credit and benefits allegedly obtained improperly by Westfield Town Attorney Bob Cockren and others.  TFoTM obtained a copy of the letter referenced by Gildea.

     Jim Gildea continues to mislead the town council and the public with his "flip-flop" stance he has grown accustomed to to cover his tracks.  
     At last night's town council meeting Jim Gildea was confronted with the January 21, 2011 letter. After having had to sit through the reading of the second paragraph, Gildea went into defense mode attacking the messenger instead of providing facts.  He then lies to the town council and public by insisting that his statements at the August 7th meeting were directed at resident John Blake's assumption that the Town had sought the legal advice of Bob Cockren on the pension matter when in fact the Town had sought direction from Westfield labor attorney Fredrick Danser.  Totally different topic Jimbo. Jim Gildea should stick to the contents of the letter he references in the video.  He stated that the letter does not  ask for information on Bob Cockren.
     Watch and listen to the video and read the letter posted below (page 2, first paragraph) and come to your own conclusion as to Mr. Gildea's credibility.  


  1. Typical Gildea. He is currently caught up in a scandal involving former chief Parizeau. Gildea's inaction or and delayed response to an officer's claim of an unfair labor practice is nearing a hearing date that will require the town/Gildea/Parizeau having to answer to a higher authority.
    Bet a deal is struck before the hearing costing the taxpayers in legal fees and whatever monetary award may be involved.

  2. So bottom line is the town can't afford to hire any firefighters because they are spending too much money on legal fees?

    1. The fact of the matter is that Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea's own actions, or lack thereof, have resulted in the need for legal representation that has cost the Westfield taxpayer. Legal representation does not come cheap. It would be interesting to compare the number of employee complaints, grievances, lawsuits, and the amount of tax dollars spent as a result of Jim Gildea's mismanagement compared to that of his predecessors Gotko and Malloy. TFoTM does not consider the shortened tenure of Shannon to be a viable comparison. Gildea followed Shannon as town administrator.

  3. Great job again TFOTM.! I'm sure that when Mr. Gildea watches this video he will come up with another excuse other than admitting he lied. I will wait to see his response on the Westfield tv-36.

  4. It is now clear that we need to reorganize the management of Westfield in order to restore the trust in town officials.