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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jim Gildea (Westfield Town Administrator) Video Proof

Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea attempted to misrepresent the truth once again at last night's town council meeting. After a written document was exposed to the public and town council members contradicting Gildea's previous statements on Westfield"s involvement in pension abuse being investigated by New Jersey's Comptroller's office, Gildea resorted to personal attacks. It seems that written proof is not enough. TFoTM will provide video footage of Gildea's statemens proving he once again lied to the public and town council at last night's town council meeting. Video to be posted tonight.


  1. Gildea a liar, never in a million years. LOL!

  2. It is incredible how Jim Gildea continuously turns the truth when they don't like it. He follows the example of his boss, the mayor. They don’t bow in front of the truth and continue to insult all of us who elected them with their lack of integrity. It is embarrassing to our town to have such leaders. Shame on them!

    1. Both of them should try out for the circus. Heard Bozo and Clarabel are retiring. CLOWNS!

  3. Jim Gildea is like the serpent in the garden, lying so eloquently that it actually frightens me and it should frighten everyone. And Skibitsky is the equivalent of Scar in the Lion King allowing the evil to overcome the good. Westfield residents better wake up. Our town is 18 million dollars in debt and the chair of the finance committee brags about it as they hit us all with a sewer tax. Historically a sewer fee is the beginning of the end for municipalities that have gone under. DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE! Our homes for most of us are our biggest investment. You could be the next Mrs. Enculescu, who after 30 years of paying taxes has now seen her property completely devalued by these morons who have created a more dangerous crossing on Central and even after the "experts" determined this fact they've dug their heels in putting everyone in danger who uses that crossing. Whats the use talking, most people vote party line anyway without any thought of the consequences of their actions. We need help!