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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"No Parking Here To Corner"........Crossing Guard Contributes to Dangers of Pedestrian Crossing

     The civilian crossing guard at the corner of Westfield Ave. & Park St./Dorian Rd. offset intersection has come under fire by this website for his questionable traffic directing skills in violation of New Jersey state motor vehicle statute 39:4-144.  While he provides a necessary function of crossing students walking to and from school each day, TFoTM asks, "Is this crossing guard above the law?"  Waving vehicles through Stop signs controlling traffic on Park St. and Dorian Rd. can contribute to motor vehicle accidents and put pedestrian safety in jeopardy.  Parking a vehicle illegally can contribute to an accident.
     This morning, at approximately 7:15 am, the crossing guard's van was parked illegally on Westfield Ave. while he stood on his post at the corner of the Westfield Ave/Dorian Rd intersection.  With no other cars parked in the area, the crossing guard had hundreds of feet of curbline to park his vehicle legally while he provided safety for crossing students.  Instead, the crossing guard parked his van in violation of the "No Parking Here To Corner" statute/town ordinance.  Why park illegally? 
Westfield Police Department Parking Enforcement issues summonses daily for offenses such as these. 
Is the crossing guard above the law?

Town Ordinance copied and pasted from the Town of Westfield website.

Sec. 13-19.1. Parking Prohibited – Regulations not exclusive.
The provisions of this article imposing a time limit on parking shall not relieve any
person of the duty towards other and more restricted provisions, prohibiting or limiting
the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles as set forth in section 39:4-138 of the
Revised Statutes or any other New Jersey Statute or as hereinafter provided.
(G.O. No. 917, § 2-1.)
Sec. 13-20. Same – At all times.

No person shall park a vehicle at any time upon any of the streets or parts thereof
described in this section.
Westfield Avenue, on the northwest side of the street, from a point beginning at the northerly curb line of Dorian Road and extending in a northerly direction along the westerly curb line of Westfield Avenue.


  1. Not surprised. What about cops on their cell phones while driving?

  2. Parking illegally saves him from having to walk an additional 10 feet to his corner.

  3. Did anyone else notice that this van also has a firefighter license plate and a Westfield FMBA #30 decal in the window!!!

    1. Was he sleeping in the vehicle Greg?

    2. The van was unoccupied and the crossing guard, a retired fire fighter, was standing on the NW corner of the intersection.

    3. Hey Anonymous, are you asking about Officer Bob Beaton? He was the one that totalled a new police car at that corner when he crashed into a parked car. Told his boss he fell asleep at the wheel and they found out he was texting. Took his phone away from him when he came to work after that after his long term multi month suspension. Maybe TFoTM can confirm this.

    4. Was he texting a local housewife whose husband was at work?

    5. Way to go Sponge-bob ......

  4. our main concern here should be for our childrens safety...this guard does excellent job of controlling both traffic and pedestrian safety at a busy intersection to say the least.

    1. Looks like the crossing guards main concern should be parking legally before he does his excellent job

    2. I agree that the main concern should be for our children's safety.
      He does do a great job, he crosses my child every day. I would like to see some of you get out there and do it.
      Get a life people...

    3. Are you on CRACK? Have you watched this MENACE in action? Good luck to your child.

    4. Are you on CRACK??? Have you watched this MENACE in action? Good luck to your child.

  5. He must be related to Waymen...ABOVE THE LAW !!!!!!!