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Friday, March 15, 2013

300,000 and Counting

     The Fact of The Matter will have received  300,000 page views later tonight.  Since TFoTM was created on December 1, 2010, it has averaged just above 355 page views per day with a one day record of over 3000 when the story of Ferarro's devastating fire was posted with pictures and video. 
     One story that opened the eyes of readers and scored credibility with them, and contempt with town officials, was the posting of a confidential memo from the desk of then Westfield Police Chief John M. Parizeau detailing the theft of time by a subordinate.  The supervisor was identified by Chief Parizeau and the crime was covered up.  It has been alleged that the suspect, a supervisor assigned to the police department's parking enforcement division, feared prosecution and the loss of his pension when the Union County Prosecutor's Office began to investigate causing the police officer to seek retirement.
     Another story posted here at TFoTM revealed a hand written note from then police Captain David Wayman, now Westfield's police chief, giving instructions to the custodial staff to keep the municipal building's handicapped bathroom door locked at all times and to not give out the key.  TFoTM learned that Wayman was using the bathroom as his own personal commode.  The fact that TFoTM was able to obtain the note signaled the Town's administration that TFoTM was not just one person but a web of sources willing to provide information to hold town officials accountable for their actions.
     When the Westfield Police Department's Internal Affairs Division investigated the rank and file of the men and women in blue, as well as civilian employees, in an attempt to identify a leak in the department, TFoTM obtained a copy of the questionnaire handed out to employees and used as an investigative tool to flush out any source of information to TFoTM.  The investigation went nowhere but wasted countless taxpayer dollars in the process.   
     This site has posted pictures, videos, documents, and other forms of evidence to bolster the claims made that Westfield's mismanagement, wasteful spending, and sometimes criminal activities occur without accountability, fiscal responsibility, or criminal prosecution. 
     TFoTM will continue to pursue the topics not reported on in local media.  TFoTM is not beholden to any political party, public official, or special interest. 
     This site has successfully fought investigations led by Westfield Police Chief David Wayman of the Westfield Police Department and a subpoena from the Union County Prosecutor's Office requesting how and from whom TFoTM receives it's information. 
     TFoTM will continue to protect the identities of those that are sources of information that have made this site a stop on the web for those wanting an alternative to local news. 
     In closing, TFoTM dedicates the The Fact of The Matter's 300,000th page view to Mayor Andrew Skibitsky.  The mayor's condescending and arrogant responses to questions asked,  and his dismissal of a taxpaying citizen/retired town employee's concerns on a November 2010 night, gave birth to The Fact of The Matter.

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