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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Private Contractor Does Landscape Work on Town Property

     Contractor Tullo Landscaping appeared to be working on town property today.  The beautification of Westfield's Department of Public Works was underway this morning with Tullo workers installing plants, shrubs and small trees.  The DPW is located on the corner of North Ave. & Crossway Pl.
How much taxpayer money was used to hire a private contractor to do the work that could have been easily done by Westfield DPW employees?
Why weren't Westfield DPW employees assigned to this task? 
Is this another case of mismanagement?


  1. Does anything surprise you with this town govt..and the good old boys network.

  2. Dont be surprised that after crunching all the numbers it was cheaper for the town to outsource.....dont forget the PD outsources all its fatal accidents to the county....

    1. Crunching the numbers? The cost of the plantings are bought wholesale. That cost is the same for private contractors or the town. When you crunch the numbers, what's cheaper, paying a contractor and a crew to do the work or assigning it to a couple of the DPW slugs that sleep in their truck or in one of the garages at the building?

  3. The PD doesn't outsource fatal accidents for any other reason but because the traffic bureau led by McErlean is incompetent. The department doesn't trust him to be able to handle such a detailed investigation as a fatal accident.

  4. WOW wonder how you heard of this cause you sure got there fast. What one of your lil RAT BOYS call your hotline cause you dident get all of the FOTM

  5. Hotline??????....whats the number??????

  6. Perhaps the town wanted to plant those things before the winter frost.