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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mayor Skibitsky Remains Silent at Westfield Town Council Meeting

     Mayor Skibitsky has the right to remain silent during Westfield Town Council meetings because anything he says can be used against him. 
     His silence on Tuesday night could lead one to believe the Mayor was left speechless or has something to hide.  His usual response to a resident levying accusations of alledged corruption was rendered moot.  Unable to refute the facts, that were backed up with documentation, Mayor Skibitsky retreated to silence as a defense.

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  1. Must have been a boring posts....

    1. Those in attendance were treated to silence as a response from Mayor Skibitsky. The Mayor's silence was "golden."

  2. Interesting reading in the Leader and Alternative wonder the Mayor stayed silent........

  3. Wonder if the mobile command trailer and Dave will be at the parade.???

  4. Sure thing because they are going to use the onboard barbecue grill to cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers after the parade. I'll gladly pay you next month for a mobile command center today. Wimpy

  5. Dave Waymans ability to avoid disciplinary charges throughout his career was assisted by his close relationship with ex chief Tracy. Wayman has had the benefit of Tracy "whitewashing" Wayman's personnel file of any disciplinary complaints/investigations. The trouble Wayman has here along with Gildea, is that this purchase has a paper trail and dates that investigators can track that can expose the fraud. The Mayor will claim ignorance to save his political career.

  6. Was the Mayor looking at the ceiling tiles for the answers?????thought he might have taken a page out the DW playbook......