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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Questions, Comments, & Concerns

Any questions, comments, or concerns this week can be posted here. Scroll down to leave a comment in the comment box.


  1. Heard its official. Beaton was fired.

  2. I heard that the command center was in PA over the summer at a Bob Dylan concert, any truth to that and WHY?

    1. If there is any truth to that rumor it would be because the Town may have entered an agreement with the manufacturer to showcase the command center at other events as part of a discounted purchase price. That's what was stated at a Town Council meeting. The command center has been used for a fireworks celebration in another N.J. City over the summer. The questions remain: who is paying for the depreciation use of the command center in other towns/cities? Was the "loaning out" of the command center part of the bid specifications or a deal brokered outside of bidding laws?

  3. was beaton actually fired