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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Truth About Skibitsky: Ignorance Is Bliss

Picture Credit: The Westfield Leader
     At a recent campaign "strategy" meeting including Mayor Andy Skibitsky, Councilman Della Fera, Councilman LoGrippo, and 3rd Ward Republican candidate David Oliveira, a t-shirt worn by a Westfield High School student present at the meeting explains why the town council functions as it does.
     It is this sort of mindset that is encouraged by Mayor Skibitsky.


  1. Big deal. A liberal doesn't stand a chance in this town, but someone who runs as a centrist, and governs as a centrist...

  2. I wish I was ignorant enough to look at the cupolas atop the public works building in their state of disrepair and feel that life is dandy in Westfield. When was the last time you had your streets swept?

    1. File that one under Mayor Skibitsky's mantra....."doing more with less."

    2. How about " Paying more for less"?

  3. They can't sweep the streets. the streets will fall apart.