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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Westfield Police Department Disciplinary Hearing

The disciplinary hearing of a Westfield Police officer facing termination from employment continues this morning at town hall.
Westfield Police Chief David Wayman preferred departmental charges against a police officer for violations of departmental rules and regulations.
TFoTM asks town officials how they can seek the termination of officers for department infractions while other officers committing criminal acts such as theft of time (Det. Sgt. John Rowe) and the beating of a suspect in police custody (Det. Lt. Barney Tracy at the time) go unpunished and ultimately rewarded with promotion and pensions.
A clear case of its not what you do but who you know.


  1. Hey Gregg,

    The same way Wayman got his gun stolen in a strip joint and nothing happened to him....Maybe he should take a long look in the mirror before he throws rocks at others...the man will crash and burn one day....I will pay for the bus to bring spectators for the perp walk when he is lead out of hq in cuffs.
    anyone wants to join me let me know

  2. How about the time Tracy wrecked his chiefs car that sent his kid to the hospital and was covered up by Rahway. DWI?

    1. A Blast from the PastThursday, December 05, 2013

      Lets not forget the time Barney took a leak on a lawn and punched out the homeowner.....then fled the scene and tried to change clothes....lots of skeletons in the closet...

  3. How many times can Dave fire Spongebob

  4. Hey Spongebob,

    Maybe you should use this tidbit for your appeal.....