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Friday, December 06, 2013

Updated: Fire Destroying Northside Residence (Police Make Arrest)

Westfield firefighters are currently battling a residential house fire on the Northside of town and have put out a request for mutual aid from neighboring towns.

The historic gate house at the entrance of Wychwood, off of Broad St., was destroyed by fire after firefighters battled the blaze for hours.

A source, not authorized to speak about details of an arrest made at the fire scene, stated the new owner of the Wychwood gatehouse was allegedly arrested for assaulting a police officer.


  1. Hope nobody was hurt. Also heard that someone assaulted an officer at the scene. Any truth to that?

  2. Have to say this site gets news like this way before any other site. Patch is not what it used to be and is more into covering fluff stories. Leader is weekly. I will renew my subscription for another year!

  3. Where is the command center now?

  4. The Star Ledger is reporting the home owner arrested was not happy with the performance of the firefighters. Same complaint at other fires in town. Were we understaffed again like on Hazel Ave and Cumberland?