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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Major Accident at Controversial School Crossing

  NOTE: Video at the bottom of this story is not viewable on an iPad.
   This morning, shortly after 7 am., what appears to be a three car motor vehicle accident took place at the intersection of Westfield Ave. and Park St./Dorian Rd.
     A source close to the investigation, but not authorized to speak on behalf of the Westfield Police Department, told TFoTM that a vehicle travelling south on Westfield Ave. struck another vehicle attempting to make a left turn from Westfield Ave. on to Dorian Rd.  The collision caused a third vehicle, stopped at the STOP sign on Dorian Rd., to be struck in the aftermath of the initial collision.
     This intersection is manned by a civilian crossing guard assigned to the duties of crossing students on their way to and from Westfield High School.
     TFoTM has alerted Westfield Town Council members and the Westfield Police Department of the ongoing issue of the civilian crossing guard standing in the roadway and directing traffic at this very busy and heavily traversed intersection, long after students have crossed.  On numerous occasions the crossing guard will turn his back, walk to the corner while still illegally waving vehicles through the STOP signs. That maneuver is an accident waiting to happen. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
     TFoTM has chronicled, in the past, here at The Fact of The Matter, how the crossing guard will illegally wave motor vehicles through the STOP signs that control traffic heading west on Park St., and also in the opposite direction, east from Dorian Rd., across Westfield Ave. Read related story at the following internet link:
     On numerous occasions, the crossing guard can be seen directing this illegal maneuver long after he has crossed pedestrians in an attempt to facilitate traffic that backs up in and around the intersection.

     Numerous phone calls to Westfield Police Department Traffic Safety Officer Sgt. Jason McErlean, regarding this issue, have gone unanswered.
     The Westfield Town Council, including Mayor Skibitsky, has been forewarned of an impending disaster at this location.  Obviously nothings been done to thwart the problem.
     Today the "chickens came home to roost.
............and where is the Mobile Command Center...........still in HOBOKEN tending to the needs of that city's Super Bowl festivities.
Hmm, should the need arise in Westfield for the Mobile Command Center to respond, is it ready and available?  Don't call Hoboken.

**The following video was obtained by TFoTM.  In this video the crossing guard at Westfield Ave & Dorian Rd/Park St. can be seen illegally waving motor vehicles through the STOP signs controlling Dorian Rd. and Park St.
Take notice that there are no students in the area/crossing.  Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea and Mayor Skibitsky attempted to deflect from the issue by accusing the person shooting the video of filming children and interfering with the duties of a crossing guard.  Deflection at its best.


  1. I find it completely ridiculous that the mayor and police have chosen to ignore the observations and warnings of a retired police officer that lives in the neighborhood. I am fully aware of the animosity the mayor has towards Greg. I watch TV36 and I am a daily reader of this site. I know Greg from the neighborhood and can vouch for his genuine concern for safety of people walking and driving to school. After he clears his own sidewalk of snow he then clears the sidewalks of his neighbors on Everson. The mayor needs to put his ego aside before it kills someone.

  2. Hoboken??? Isn't that where that politically connected former parking "director" is now employed? What a coincidence. That mobile command is nothing more than Davy's "Land of Make Believe," so he can profile at the expense of Westfield's taxpayers. Taxpayer dollars so Davy can socialize and "play"....

    1. Hey it is....... Hope Davy doesnt get free tickets to the to know who else is up there on Westfield's Dime.....

    2. Wonder if he struts around in a uniform or has to wear a suit like he should of here......

    3. I seriously doubt it unless he is looking for a free meal or coffee. He got away with it in Westfield, even carrying a gun.

  3. Ex Westfield Parking Director John Morgan and ex Westfield Police Chief Barney Tracy could probably show the Hoboken Parking Authority a thing or two about "ticket fixing"

  4. Vet The List MorganSaturday, February 01, 2014

    John Morgan was never a sworn police officer. He was an auxiliary police officer that gave himself the rank of Captain so he could wear the white police shirt and carry a badge and a gun into any eating establishment in town in the hopes of obtaining a "frebbie." Most notably at Vicki's Diner on E. Broad St. and at Dunkin Donuts. As the parking director under Barney Tracy, Morgan sought to wear the uniform instead of a suit and tie. Being asshole buddies with Tracy, it was approved by Tracy. Morgan had no rank or authority over any sworn police officer, not even the greenest rookie out of the academy. Hoboken Police aren't dumb enough like Tracy, to let the fool Morgan, march around their town in a uniform. he is just another sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. Just ask Westfield.

  5. Shocked stunned amazedSaturday, February 01, 2014

    I would have loved to been a fly on that wall during the interview phase of his employment.....I can only imagine the tales he would tell......knowing that nut job he probably claimed solving and capturing John List, the Lindbergh kidnapping and working on finding Amelia Earhart.......well I would imagine that John got his job though his connections in the computerized parking meters company that he worked for........wonder who was on his resume as references?????? sure it wasnt any of the woman that complained about him....

  6. Hey did they fly Bartkus in and the team from Bomar Tactical to assist??????....or did he just drive in again.....????.....

  7. maybe they should dispatch the Mobile Command Center to the intersection with that crack ESU unit to cross the kids........if they can tear them away from some other town......