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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Confirmed: Mobile Command Center in Hoboken

     TFoTM has obtained a photograph of Westfield's $250,000 mobile command center in Hoboken this week for that city's festivities leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.
     What if there was an emergency in Westfield and "should the need arise" to have it local at moments notice.....for say.....a bomb threat, is it readily available?  
     What say you Councilman Jim Foerst? 
     At a Westfield Town Council meeting, 4th Ward Councilman Foerst justified the purchase of the command center for emergency use in the event of  "like a bomb threat." 
     One Hoboken police officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, remarked, "We don't even know why Westfield is here with all their vehicles."
Jim Foerst

Score: Hoboken 911     Westfield Taxpayer 0


  1. The only plus I can see out of this would be if we, as a town, are charging money to these other municipalities when our equipment is being used for their events, especially if located not too far from Westfield such that getting back to our town (in the event of a Westfield emergency) likely would not take too long. Does anybody know if we've been making money from all of these non-Westfield events? If we are not making a profit, are our expenses from each event at least being covered? If the answer to either of these questions is "no" then why are we participating in these events in all of these other towns?

  2. Because Wayman made a back door deal with the manufacture to send the Command Center around so others may witness it use.....that would be my he got a free trip to Utah.....

  3. the reason why is that John Morgan AKA Captain Morgan, to the people who live in Westfield, is now the Executive Director of the Hoboken Parking Authority. The TIES THAT BIND.....

  4. This is just a new expensive toy that they can play with!

  5. How the hell did Morgan land that job....????....

  6. so if the Town of Westfield needed all this equipment the night it was in Hoboken?
    I guess the Chiefs answer would be ummm dahh