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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky Receives Political "Pat on the Back" by County Republicans

     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky received an "atta' boy" from the Union County Republican Committee on Monday night at L'Affaire in Mountainside.  The award Skibitsky received is named after former Congressman Bob Franks and handed out by Skibitsky's ruling party.
     A Westfield Leader news account of the award reported that Skibitsky "was elected to a third term as mayor, a feat unprecedented in recent town history."  What the news article omits is the fact that no other Mayor, "in recent town history" has ever sought a third consecutive term as Mayor.  There has always been an unwritten rule in Westfield politics that you serve two terms and step aside....not so with the Skibitsky regime at the helm.
     The news article praises Skibitsky for his handling of communications during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy among other perceived exploits.
     Skibitsky continues to flaunt his fiscal responsibility by citing the reduction of salaries/wages in the municipal budget to a level seen in 2005 but forgets to mention that the reduction is primarily due to Mayor Skibitsky's slashing of public safety employees in the police and fire departments by over 20%.  Skibitsky's "shell game" is in keeping with his rally cry of "We are doing more with less" in town government.
     NOTE:  For further coverage of Skibitsky's award, you can read about it in
the town's official newspaper The Westfield Leader, a "Republican approved publication."


  1. It was two, "two year" terms for a total of four all changed with this guy.

  2. Skibitsky........Bloomberg........synonymous'
    Change the law on term limits or length of term to satisfy an ego.