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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Police Chief Wayman Introduces Newest "Elite" Police Officer

     The Westfield Police Department has seen a sudden exodus of officers recently hired under the leadership of former disgraced police chief John Parizeau and current police chief David Wayman.
     At last night's Westfield Town Council meeting, Police Chief David Wayman introduced one of the police department's newest "Elite" to fill one of the voids.
     No longer considered the "finest" by Wayman, the police chief has set his sight on making Westfield Police Department an "Elite" his own words spoken at a recent closed door department meeting involving police personnel.
     TFoTM congratulates police officer Gregory Penn and wishes him the best of luck in his law enforcement career.
     TFoTM will post coverage of last night's town council meeting later tonight.  Mayor Skibitsky remains silent while Councilman Arena pontificates.


  1. Hows is he connected to Barney

  2. Elite my ass......Wayman couldnt even hold onto his gun and ammo....because he was too busy getting a lap dance

  3. Guess Kasko is jealous he'll never be elite. He'd probably sleep through the ceremony.

  4. Definitely a Linden connection

  5. I think ELITE is the name of the GO GO BAR Wayman hangs out at ????