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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky's Newest Diversion

 Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky continues to divert attention from answering simple questions put forth at town council meetings.  When faced with having to answer the obvious to questions that will expose mismanagement. wasteful spending, and/or corruption within his administration, Mayor Skibitsky has remained silent, personally attacked taxpayers, or claimed to have previously answered the question being asked.
     While Skibitsky and some of his strongest supporters on the town council, including Jim Foerst and Sam Della Fera, won't hesitate to answer or address questions and comments that praise their contributions to the towns' governering body,  they all try to create a diversion when put on the spot.
     At a recent town council meeting Skibitsky responded, "I've already discussed that," when asked how much taxpayer money was wasted when Mayor Skibitsky and the town council allowed the use of  Westfield taxpayer funded resources in the cities of Hoboken, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.
     Once again, Skibitsky does his political "tap dance" around the truth. His refusal to put a dollar amount on the misappropriation of town resources contradicts his own claims of transparency in his administration.  He won't even answer a "yes" or "no" when asked, "Did it cost the Westfield taxpayer any amount of money to fund the use of town resources outside of Westfield."
     We are not talking about shared services or mutual agreements with other towns or cities.  The blatant wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars to fund Westfield resources operating in a distant city and disguised as "anti-terrorism training" is an insult to the intelligence of anyone sending a quarterly check to the Westfield Tax Assesors Office.
     Mayor Skibitsky's silence speaks volumes of his transparent hypocrisy.  His diversion from answering the obvious by allowing a department head to fabricate and embellish an excuse for the wasteful spending contributes to his lack of integrity.
     While another Tuseday town council meeting may come and go, the questions will still remain until truthfully answered with facts.
     Next up: Councilman Jim Foerst has an epithiny prior to casting his vote on a resolution to ammend the Town Code regarding the restraints of restaraunt liquor licenses.


  1. There is something just not right about this whole liquor licence shenanigans! I hope you get to the bottom of it before Tuesday!

  2. TFoTM finds the following quote from Councilwoman Kimmins interesting to say the least. Also, why does the ordinance stipulating one musician per establishment need to be changed to allow FIVE? Perhaps, so that a band might play at a wedding hosted by a family restaurant? This change to the liquor license has one restaurants name written all over it, with others benefitting from it, and they got Councilman Arena in their back pocket.
    Ms. Kimmins released a statement regarding her vote against the modification of the liquor-license ordinance to The Westfield Leader: “Why am I opposed to this change? Why isn’t everyone in this town jumping up and down to oppose this ordinance?
    “When you get past the legal jargon, and smoke and mirrors, you need to realize that this is opening the downtown to two-story catering halls, nightclub restaurants and themed sports bars that are competitively motivated to stay open until ‘last calls.’
    “Is that the downtown that attracts the families that move to this town or where we feel safe allowing our children to roam? I am sure that changing our ordinance would be a major coup for someone’s career, or perhaps a financial benefit to an individual or business, but to me, it is nothing short of a change in the culture of the town I love and feel obligated to defend.
    “People can call that ‘fear-mongering;’ I call it insightful and pro- tective. To those people who have said they voted for me because they knew I would pay attention and vote for the right thing for the right reason...sit up and take notice.”

  3. TFoTM applauds Councilwoman Kimmins for speaking out at a time when other council members continue to rubber stamp Mayor Skibitsky's agenda.

  4. Guess where Andy and the crew will be hanging out toasting to themselves after council meetings? Saddle up to the bar on the second floor and to hell with all the pedestrians walking by tripping all over the outdoor tables.
    "At the Copa, Copa Cabana, .........."

  5. It's spelled "epiphany"....That's how boring this blog has become.....Waiting on a spelling error. When did you lose your edge? Falling asleep waiting for investigations.

  6. It's spelled "epiphany"....That's how boring this blog has become.....Waiting on a spelling error. When did you lose your edge? Falling asleep waiting for investigations.

    1. Your or You're right but also, it's spelled Tuesday and not Tuseday. Can't always rely on spellcheck. Stay tooned or tuned.

  7. the town of westfield is a joke.