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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Power Outage at Westfield High School...1:34 pm

Power restored within 10 minutes.


  1. wow this is some major news!

  2. Any way we can request signs or any other help for the circle at South Ave. I have been cut off too many times from cars turning left from the Right Lane heading West.

  3. The drivers just get more stupid every year. Signage won't help that problem. It is already there and much of it is deliberate. Getting cops to do their jobs and watch the circle would stop it. Ticket the offenders and raise some cash for this town while controlling the negative behavior at the circle. Westfield cops are too busy eating donuts and drinking coffee.

    1. Having a police presence will help as long as they are present. The signs are lines painted on the street directing Right Lane Traffic under the bridge Eastbound on South Ave. Drivers need to know in advance that the Right Lane is for Eastbound North Ave. traffic only before entering the circle. Drivers change lanes mid circle causing near misses with vehicles already in the Left Lane. I think Left Lane should be for traffic entering circle only, right Lane for entering circle, going west on North Ave. or onto Broad Street.