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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Auto/Pedestrian Accident

     At approximately 4:35 pm, a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle at the intersection of South Ave. & Boulevard.  The pedestrian appears to have been crossing South Ave. and was struck by the black Nissan Maxima shown in the photos which was traveling westbound on South Ave.  The Nissan's windshield was shattered and the pedestrian/victim was thrown several feet.  Out of respect for the victim TFoTM will not publish photos taken that include the pedestrian/victim.
     Westfield police were on the scene shutting down the intersection at Westfield Ave. & South Ave., Central Ave & South Ave., as well as all side streets in between.
     The annual Westfield Downtown Pizza Run is scheduled for tonight to start at 7 pm.  Area roads will be at a standstill as police investigate the accident.
     The Westfield police department's Traffic Safety Bureau as well as the Detective Bureau are on the scene leading the investigation.
Details to follow.


  1. pedestrian crossing light here where people have to cross three lanes of traffic. I got four words in the name of safety, move hawk light here!

  2. Glad to see they are putting those Harleys to use

  3. did they activate the mobile command center..????...or was it out being shown so Dave could make another sale........