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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Westfield Police Chief Wayman Continues to "Run Amuck"

     In the upcoming days and weeks, Westfield Police Chief David Wayman will be saying "Goodbye" to several police officers.  Officers Harold Caulfield, Lisa Perrotta, and Scott Rodgers, all with 25 years plus in the pension system, are hanging up the gun belt and badge.
Why now?
     Perhaps Governor Chris Christie's pension and benefits reform might have something to do with their decision or the "writing is on the wall" with regards to the current state of affairs under Wayman's tumultuous leadership.
     Regardless, TFoTM wishes the rumored retiring officers the best of luck.
     Will Chief Wayman seize the opportunity to integrate the police department with new hires?  Recent hires include numerous Linden connections and ties to the corrupt Barney Tracy regime.
Not since the hiring of Preston Freeman over ten years ago, has the Town of Westfield hired an African American officer.  With the retirements of Ron Allen, Sandy Chambers, and Greg Hobson, Westfield needs to address why Parizeau and Wayman have not hired an African American.  African American dispatchers have left Westfield for other  police departments after being declined employment in Westfield as full time sworn police officers.
Ask Police Chief  Wayman why.
TFoTM knows why, we won't be "bamboozled" "hoodwinked" or "run amuck."


  1. TFoTM isnt the only one who knows why............there are a lot of us out here who know what Wayman is all about.......

  2. Wayman will never hire anyone smarter than him or darker than him for that matter.

    1. Considering he is dumber then a box of rocks, the pool of candidates is very limited.....a kindergartner has more going for them intel wise then Zod

  3. Why aren't Gildea or Andy being asked this same question ?

  4. "Police Chief" Wayman....ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    1. Amazing he got past the pre-employment exam....wonder if he cheated off Norton like he did on the promotional exams.....or did he just kiss Barney's a**????????