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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Report Illegal Students, Receive $50 Gift Card

Bound Brook schools are offering students a $50 gift card to report students that attend Bound Brook schools but are not residents of the town.
Should the Westfield Board of Education consider the same initiative.
Click on the following link to view story.

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  1. I have personal knowledge of a Plainfield resident that went through 4 years at WHS for free. It seems his father was in business with another guy that bought rental real estate in town. He used several different rental addresses to keep the kid in WHS while they never actually lived in the homes. The school board was notified several times since the kid's freshman year, but chose to do nothing. I have a problem with that. The taxes in town never go down. How many other out of towners tuitions are Westfield tax bills subsidizing? I wonder if anyone would be interested in the names of all involved? That would include the school board member that was addressed on this issue and the scofflaws that beat the system.