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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Westfield Mayor Skibitsky and Acting Mayor Neylan Continue to Mislead Taxpayers

Westfield Police Chief David Wayman
     Last month, the Westfield Town Council meeting featured Acting Mayor JoAnn Neylan claim that the Westfield Police Department was at this years NFL Super Bowl to assist other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when asked why the emergency mobile command center is being used out of town borders.  At last weeks town council meeting, Mayor Andy Skibitsky refused to answer a simple question about the whereabouts of Westfield's taxpayer funded emergency mobile command center on Super Bowl Sunday.  It has been revealed that the WPD was in Hoboken for that city's cash grab the week leading up to the Super Bowl.  In the photo below, featured on the front page of The Westfield Leader newspaper, Westfield police vehicles were photographed in front of Super Bowl roman numerals in HOBOKEN.
     Mayor Skibitsky has been asked repeatedly, "Were Westfield police officers and the emergency mobile command center AT THE SUPER BOWL in EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY held at METLIFE STADIUM."  His answers to the questions have included, "Please continue," "We've gone over this before," "I'm not going to repeat myself," and "We've discussed this at great length."  All typical evasive answers by a politician refusing to answer truthfully.  The fact of the matter is, Mayor Skibitsky has never answered the question.
     Mayor Skibitsky has yet to prove that Westfield Police Department was anywhere on the grounds of MetLife Stadium during this years Superbowl, yet TFoTM has provided facts with proof that the WPD was invited to Hoboken to police a street fair during Super Bowl week.
     When asked if former Westfield Parking Director John Morgan, who is currently the Hoboken parking director, was responsible for bringing Westfield taxpayer funded equipment and manpower to Hoboken, Mayer Skibitsky refused to answer.  
     At this point, it is clear that Mayor Skibitsky and his Acting Mayor, JoAnn Neylan have lied repeatedly to the Westfield taxpayers about the actual whereabouts of police equipment and manpower during the Superbowl.  Those lies were started when Westfield Police Chief David Wayman approached the microphone at a council meeting in early February of this year, to read a prepared statement claiming that the Westfield Police Department had, "the ability to work with Hoboken at the Super Bowl" when in fact they were asked to take part in "Hoboken Huddle" within the city limits of Hoboken.
     Not one town official has been able to prove that the Westfield Police Department with it's equipment, vehicles, and manpower were ever at the Super Bowl, but instead, wasting Westfield tax dollars to the benefit of Hoboken.


  1. Davy read a "prepared statement." Do you think he "prepared" it? Maybe, just maybe, if it was written on a ceiling tile

  2. Another cop leaving the department to work at another police department. Westfield must be such an "elite" department. Never thought it could ever get this bad. Wayman is a clown.

  3. seeing that more cops are jumping ship for greener pastures reminds me of the Moran days when WPD was the training grounds for the world

  4. way to go much is that costing the town your micromanaging way of running the department.....hey mayor grow a set and get rid of dave

  5. Why are there traffic cones on Central Ave. from North to South Ave.'s right hand lane?

  6. I work in law enforcement. I was at the super bowl..I can tell you first hand that WESTFIELD PD WAS NEVER NEAR THE STADIUM.............