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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Politicians are MIA after Devastating Fire

     See "letter to the editor" below, that appeared in last weeks edition of The Westfield Leader.  Mayor Skibitsky is on "cruise control" during his unprecedented third consecutive stint as Mayor of Westfield.  There has always been an unwritten agreement in Westfield politics that after two terms as mayor, you step aside for someone else to lead the town.  Mayor Skibitsky thumbed his nose to this gentleman's agreement when he sought a third term last year.  
     He is only keeping the seat warm for the next Republican candidate.  Clear indication that he is keeping his name in politics for a loftier position in Trenton or just maybe the party didn't have a bonafide candidate to run against a strong and well liked Democratic challenger in former Councilman David Haas.
     Once again, Mayor Skibitsky was absent from Tuesday's (9/16/14) town council meeting.  At this rate, his absenteeism is approaching 50%.  Like the Mayor says, "We are doing more with less."

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