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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here We Go Again....Another Accident at the HAWK Pedestrian Light

At approximately 4:15pm today, another motor vehicle accident occured at the Hawk Pedestrian Light on Central Ave.
At this point TFoTM has lost count of the number of accidents that have taken place at this ill advised, and proven, unsafe location for a mid block crossing that was initially recommended to be located at the intersection of either Cedar or Clover a couple hundred feet to the north.
The driver of the Volvo station wagon, a Westfield resident, stated she had slowed down as she approached the flashing amber lights of the HAWK light that had been activated by a pedestrian when she was struck from benind by another southbound vehicle.
Both vehicles sustained extensive damage requiring a tow truck to remove them from the roadway.
The Volvo was pushed through the crosswalk and came to a stop over 50 feet away.  Fortunately, there was no pedestrian injury or fatality this time.  Is it only a matter of time?  Accidents at this location are happening at a rate not seen at any other location with a mid block crossing and statistics have proven that the location is unsafe.
With school in session less than 3 weeks, pedestrian traffic at this location has increased and so will the accidents. 
Pedestrians are being warned to seek alternatives to crossing Central Ave at this location due to the frequency of accidents that have occurred since this light was approved my Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky and the Westfield Town Council after it was recommended by a traffic safety engineer to be installed at a nearby intersection.


  1. The following email was sent to Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky and the members of the town council at approximately 4:45 pm,, thirty minutes after the motor vehicle accident.

    Mayor & Town Council,
    Only the 2nd full week of school and yet, another accident at the HAWK light on Central Ave. Mayor, your steadfast ego on this issue is going to get someone seriously injured or killed as a result of the proven and ill advised unsafe location of this light.

    There has been no response as of this morning, 9-18-14 f9:30am)

  2. As a resident who lives in close proximity to this dangerous mid block Hawk light, I have witnessed in the upwards of 16 to 17 accidents since it was placed at this dreadful location. I have also witnessed countless near accidents and the majority of adults that cross Central Ave. at this location rarely activate the Hawk light anymore for fear of causing another accident. The installation of the mid block crosswalk and Hawk light was completely and totally a political move by the mayor and council to appease their friends and constituents who didn't want this mess in their front or back yards. It has little or nothing to do with the safety of our school children and residents. This is undeniably a disaster waiting to happen, and it will!

  3. Skibitsky catered to the NIMBY's
    "Not In My Back Yard"

    1. .......or in this case, the NIMFY's.
      "Not In My Front Yard"

  4. Adina Toescu-EnculescuFriday, September 19, 2014

    I am very troubled again with what îs going on in front of my house. This is accident No. 18. A terrible thing will happen one day. I' m wondering for how long the famous so called Mayor of Westfield will continue to mock the residents of this town. Somebody will be killed one day and he will pretend like his friend Del-Duca that climate change or the demographic of the town îs the cause of it, not the absurdity of his decission. He created the most dangerous place in the county not only in this town. I am also wondering when higher authority will act to correct this incredible mistake.

  5. Q: When will the Hawk light be taken down???????

    A: When the Mayor or Council members is involved in an accident, either by rear ending someone or getting rear ended.....

  6. I was watching the movie "The Good The Bad and The Ugly" last night...there was a scene where the north and the south where slaughtering each other over a bridge. Clint solved it by blowing it into smithereens...