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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Westfield Town Council Meeting
Tonight: October 7, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 8 pm.
425 E. Broad St.

Who will show up to the meeting as Mayor of Westfield?
Will Skibitsky keep his "no-show streak" alive?


  1. Mayor Andrew Skibitsky was not happy when presented with facts regarding the most recent, 18th, accident at his self proclaimed "safest location" HAWK light pedestrian crossing on Central Ave., at the intersection of a residential driveway.

    Council meeting recap to be posted Thursday evening.

  2. Safest location what a joke isnt that what Gen. Custer said about Little Bighorn

  3. I read that Foerst is leading the charge to ban smoking in the park, including e-cigs ? I thought these guys were republicans, now they're championing this? Isn't the WPD was short staffed already, who is going to be on patrol or will this be an OT grab bag for the officers at WPD Plaza ?

  4. A no smoking ban in parks such as Tamaques Park will go un-enforced just like the No Parking on Grass is un-enforced every Saturday and Sunday when cars park along the grass perimeter of the roadway making it a danger for cyclists, jogged, pedestrians, and motorists.

  5. Was just reading the current online edition of the Westfield Leader, and got to see Mr. Wayman standing next to a drop box for prescription meds to be dropped off anonymously. Well If memory serves correctly, that drop box is next to the "Carl Geis bus stop bench" which is in direct line of site of a much for being anonymous...... can only imagine who thought of that place for it......