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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Overnight Snowfall Snafu

     Westfield residents woke up this morning to find a blanket of snow on the ground measuring between 4 - 6 inches.  Westfield's Department of Public Works was out early plowing residential streets and by 10 am. had made at least one pass down a majority of the town's paved roadways.
     Rising temperatures seem to be helping melt remaining snow along with some pre-storm salting of roadways.
     The Westfield DPW has a new superintendent in charge and he appears to have better managerial skills than the recent retired Claude Shaffer, judging by the efficiency at which the DPW seems to be operating these days and an overall positive morale exhibited by the staff.
     The season's first major snowfall gave police the opportunity to issue summonses to motor vehicles parked in violation of the town code prohibiting parking on snow covered roadways in town that are marked with warning signs.
     A police officer was on W. Broad St. early this morning placing tickets on the windshields of cars parked along the curb that hindered plowing efforts to clear roadway from curb to curb.
     No doubt, Mayor Skibitsky is beaming, smiling ear to ear given the efforts of the DPW and WPD.


  1. I must admit, like many, I have a tendency to complain when this town doesn't perform to its high level of expectation. But, in fairness, when they do, they deserve to be called out for it as well. Today, they earned top marks for their efforts. Kudos to both the DPW and the WPD for a job well done.

  2. Looks like the DPW will be put to the test Monday and Tuesday. Go get em' boys!

  3. Great job Westfield leadership. And kudos to mayor for being on top of the storm.

  4. What storm? It was a couple inches and Mother Nature melted most of it with rain. The only thing the mayor is on top of is his own ego.

  5. The new supervisor and his crews should once again be applauded for their efforts for another job well done clearing the streets and anyone else who lifted a shovel to clear a walk and/or helped a neighbor in need.

  6. Great job boys! Fortunate not everyone sleeps on the job!

    1. Someone better wake up the lieutenant in the back office, it's time to go home!

  7. Before anyone praises the plowing of snow, remember that plows had the benefit of an executive order signed by the NJ State Police Supt. Fuentes that banned all vehicles from roadways with the exception of a few. It made plowing streets easier.